External Advisory Board

Board member meeting

The IonE External Advisory Board is an international group consisting of government, academic, NGO and corporate leaders who provide strategic guidance to the Institute while sharing diverse, high-level perspectives and expertise on local, regional and global environmental issues.

Current advisory board members include:

Larry Berger
Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Ecolab
As chief technical officer, Larry Berger is responsible for leading the global Research, Development & Engineering organization at Ecolab.

Steve Cohen
Executive Director, Earth Institute, Columbia University
Steven Cohen is the executive director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute and a professor in the practice of public affairs at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

Gina Domanig
Managing Partner, Emerald Technology Ventures
Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Gina Domanig is the managing partner of Emerald Technology Ventures. In 2000 she founded Emerald as the first independent clean-tech venture capital fund in Europe.

Lisa Graumlich
Dean, College of the Environment, University of Washington
Lisa Graumlich, Virginia and Prentice Bloedel Professor, is the inaugural dean of the College of the Environment at the University of Washington.

Mark Kriss
Managing Partner, Macroclimate
Mark Kriss is the founder and managing partner of Macroclimate, an investment service that maximizes expected returns for investors while limiting exposure to climate risk.

Michael Martin
Founder and CEO, Effect Partners
Michael Martin is one of the country’s top social change activists and, through his company, EFFECT Partners, he regularly consults with well-known brands and celebrities to make environmental change and impact a part of their business strategy.

Ben Nabors
Founder, Group Theory
Ben Nabors is an East Coast-based filmmaker. His debut feature documentary “WILLIAM AND THE WINDMILL”, about windmill inventor William Kamkwamba, won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2013 South by Southwest Film Festival.

Dawn Wright
Chief Scientist, Esri
Dawn Wright aids in formulating and advancing the intellectual agenda for the environmental, conservation, climate and ocean sciences aspect of Esri’s work, while also representing Esri to the national/international scientific community.

In addition to the advisory board, the Institute’s Faculty Leadership Council advises IonE’s director, plays a central role in guiding faculty participation in IonE and ensures that faculty concerns are incorporated into IonE goals and decisions.

For more information, please contact IonE director Jessica Hellmann.