IonE at a Glance

Our Approach

Complex environmental challenges can't be solved with business-as-usual thinking. Meeting global-scale challenges demands new, transformative research, new leadership and new ways of working together. Learn more

Our Themes

IonE initiatives related to discovering solutions, educating leaders and engaging partners focus on five themes: energy, food and land use, freshwater, population and development and whole systems. Learn more

Our Accomplishments

Among other accomplishments, IonE has brought together experts in more than 20 disciplines, funded more than 50 research projects, and collaborated with more than 100 private and nonprofit sector entities. Learn more

Why Here, Why Now?

The University of Minnesota is an ideal place to pursue technology- and market-based solutions for providing energy, food and freshwater to a global population in a way that allows society, the economy and the environment to flourish. Learn more