Arindam Banerjee

College of Science and Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
McKnight Land-Grant Professor

Arindam Banerjee is a computer scientist whose work focuses on making sense of massive amounts of complex data.  Since joining the University of Minnesota in 2005, he has been exploring and advancing  tools for clustering large amounts of information in ways that produce useful information  in areas such as social network analysis, information retrieval, and medical imaging.

In his work with the Institute on the Environment, Banerjee will focus on two of his favorite applications for his expertise: social media and environmental science. First, working with IonE's Dialogue Earth, he will apply text analysis and topic modeling to advance our ability to use social media as a “finger on the pulse” of media-based conversations related to the environment. Second, in conjunction with IonE's Global Landscape Initiative, he will develop and use sophisticated mathematical methods to help understand land-use change shaped by the interaction of many complex and multidimensional variables.

As part of his work as an IonE resident fellow, Banerjee will organize workshops that will rally large-scale data analysis researchers around seeking solutions for big environmental problems. He also plans to pose a special challenge for colleagues around the world to solve a specific problem formulated in collaboration with other IonE researchers. By the end of his three-year appointment, Banerjee hopes to have advanced the application of large-scale data analysis to solving complex environmental problems and to have leveraged national grants that will allow him to continue work in this important area.

See Banerjee's faculty page for more information.