G. David Tilman

College of Biological Sciences
Dept. of Ecology, Evolution & Behavior

David Tilman is a University of Minnesota Regents Professor and McKnight Presidential Chair in Ecology; he also directs the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve. His current research explores ways to use biodiversity as a tool for biofuel production and climate stabilization through carbon sequestration.

Among other key areas, Tilman's work focuses on the impacts of human domination of ecosystems, including nitrogen deposition, habitat destruction and fragmentation, and invasive exotic species. He is internationally known for his studies on the full costs and benefits of grain crops, food-based biofuels, and biofuels made from diverse mixtures of native plants growing on already-degraded lands.

As an Institute on the Environment resident fellow, Tilman is examining long-term trends in land use and agriculture and their environmental implications; he's also using life-cycle analysis to track the impacts of food consumption around the world.

See Tilman's faculty page for more info.

David Tilman