Elizabeth Wilson

Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Finding solutions to the great environmental and energy challenges we face is going to take more than just technology, just science or just policy. As associate professor in the Humphrey School of Public Policy & Affairs, Elizabeth Wilson teaches and conducts research related to exploring the interface among the three areas, particularly as they relate to carbon sequestration and energy policy and technology.

Recently returned from position as visiting professor in public policy and energy at Tsinhua University in Beijing, China, Wilson plans to focus her IonE resident fellowship along three lines of emphasis.

First, she is continuing studies already underway on the differences between states in energy planning in areas such as the role of smart grids in advancing the application of renewable energy technologies: multiscale governance; interface of old and new technology; interface of public and private rights; and political priorities. She hopes this work will lead to federal grant funding for a similar effort on a multinational scale.  

In a second area of focus for her fellowship, Wilson is planning to develop project-based interdisciplinary courses that provide real-world experience while providing students with the opportunity to explore areas of energy and environment. The courses would be taught under the guidance of interdisciplinary faculty teams.

Finally, Wilson hopes to use the IonE fellowship  to hone her own leadership skills.  She anticipates that advanced leadership training will help her become more effective in bridging academic research and teaching in state, national and international policy environments.

See Wilson's faculty page for more info.

Elizabeth Wilson