George Heimpel

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
 Department of Entomology

George Heimpel has been a member of the University of Minnesota faculty since 1997. A professor of entomology, he studies the application of ecology and genetics to balancing the risks and benefits of using biological agents such as parasitic and predatory insects to control pests.

A former IonE associate fellow, Heimpel is using the platform of his IonE resident fellowship to expand his work into an interdisciplinary exploration of the interface of energy use, climate change, pests and biological pest control. His work will focus on the implications of species invasions on global climate change. This will include an assessment of the carbon footprint associated with various pest management strategies.

The fellowship will help him incorporate approaches from community and ecosystem ecology and other environmental science perspectives into his studies. A recent initiative with strong links to IonE involves determination of ecosystem services associated with biofuel crops. He also plans to use the fellowship opportunity to expand his work beyond research to encouraging stakeholder and public engagement in decisions related to biologically based pest management.

George Heimpel