John S. Gulliver

College of Science and Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering

John Gulliver is a professor of civil engineering, performing his research at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. Much of his research, in conjunction with other faculty, involves the development of new technology for stormwater treatment and assessment of field performance of stormwater treatment practices. Stormwater technologies currently being employed by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and others include the SAFL Baffle, which converts any sump into an effective sediment settling device; the Iron-Enhanced Sand Filter, which removes dissolved and particulate phosphorus; and the MPD Infiltrometer, which can measure infiltration into soil accurately and effectively with a minimal volume of water.

As an IonE resident fellow, Gulliver is expanding his interdisciplinary research activities related to managing and treating urban runoff, including contributing to the publication of the practitioner-oriented newsletter, Stormwater Updates.

See John Gulliver's faculty page for more info.

Portrait: John S. Gulliver