Larry Wackett

Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics and BioTechnology Institute

Larry Wackett is Distinguished McKnight University professor in the Department of Biochemistry and the BioTechnology Institute. He joined the University of Minnesota in 1987 after completing an NIH postdoctoral fellowship in chemistry at MIT with Chris Walsh. He did his doctoral research with David Gibson at the University of Texas at Austin, studying the biodegradation of aromatic hydrocarbons by bacteria and fungi. Wackett is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and a member of the American Academy of Microbiology.

Wackett’s current research focuses on the biodegradation of organic chemicals and the biosynthesis of useful compounds. He also uses enzymes in sensors designed to detect toxic chemicals in foods. Current efforts are focused on the biodegradation of s-triazine compounds and compounds found in water derived from hydraulic fracturing to extract oil and gas. His lab also studies how bacteria biosynthesize hydrocarbons, to aid in producing renewable hydrocarbons as feedstock chemicals and fuels.

With his IonE fellowship, Wackett plans to investigate bioremediation relevant to hydraulic fracturing technology.

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