Laura Musacchio

College of Design
Department of Landscape Architecture

Laura Musacchio is an associate professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Minnesota. She teaches landscape ecology and urban ecology for resilient and sustainable regions. Her classes include metropolitan landscape ecology, Regreening Minds, Cities, and Regions seminar, and holistic landscape ecology. Her courses are interdisciplinary-oriented and attract students from many different majors. Her research bridges curiosity-driven empirical analysis and simulation research in sustainability science and land change science to the professional activities of applied place-making in urban design and planning.

Her current projects emphasize how to operationalize key concepts and research priorities for urban resilience and sustainability. At the Institute, she works on how knowledge brokering can produce shared knowledge for enhancing people's connections to ecosystem services. Another one of her recent projects was serving as guest editor of a special issue of Landscape Ecology called “Key Concepts and Research Priorities for Landscape Ecology," which was published in summer 2013. In addition, she is a co-principal investigator on an interdisciplinary research team that is investigating how city size and shape influence severe weather, urban pollution and urban forest transition patterns in major cities of the Great Plains. She also serves on the editorial boards of Landscape Ecology and Landscape and Urban Planning

She is very interested in making connections to students in different majors, so please contact her to schedule a meeting to discuss your special interest at