Marc Hillmyer

College of Science and Engineering
Department of Chemistry

Marc Hillmyer is a professor of chemistry and director of the University of Minnesota Center for Sustainable Polymers, established in 2009 with funding from the Institute on the Environment's Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment. Much of his work revolves around synthetic polymers and the environment—how synthetic polymers can help solve environmental problems in areas such as water purification and solar cell technology, and how polymers can be designed to be more environmentally friendly.

As an IonE resident fellow, Hillmyer is expanding his interdisciplinary research activities related to the development and application of synthetic polymers. One area of focus will be on exploring the use of renewable feedstocks to make small molecules that can be polymerized. He will also explore degradation processes and other environment-related dimensions of new sustainable polymers.

Hillmyer also works with the Humphrey School of Public Policy & Affairs to engage scientists, policy makers and the public on these important issues.

See Marc Hillmyer's faculty page for more info.

Marc Hillmyer


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