Nicholas Jordan

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics

Nicholas Jordan is a professor of agronomy and plant genetics and an agro-ecologist. His work focuses on multifunctional agriculture, which explores and advances opportunities to reap benefits beyond food production from farmlands. In addition to studying how ecological services  benefit agricultural production in areas such as weed management, Jordan helps bring together local and University resources to promote community-based food systems. Among his accomplishments, Jordan has helped develop a new form of agro-ecology that focuses on agriculture as a coupled human-natural system, and has been advancing landscape agro-ecology as a framework for linking agriculture with disciplines such as landscape design, land-change science, and planning.

As an Ione resident fellow, Jordan is developing and evaluating a working model for research structures and processes that span multiple disciplines and applying the model to assessing the potential for biomass and biofuel production in agricultural regions in the midwestern U.S. He also hopes to advance education in the area of sustainable agriculture; contribute to IonE's coordination, innovation and integration efforts ; and help develop a leadership program for young scholars.

See Jordan's faculty page for more info.

Nick Jordan