R. Lee Penn

Department of Chemistry
College of Science and Engineering

Lee Penn is an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry. Her research focuses on the links between nanoparticle physical and chemical properties (e.g., size and composition) and the behavior of those nanomaterials in environmental systems and potential for use in energy production (e.g., solar cells).

One of Penn's newer projects examines how nanoparticles can impact living cells. She has recently begun collaborating with other researchers in this area, and her research group's expertise in nanoparticle synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials in reactive systems provides a critical contribution.

As an IonE resident fellow, Penn will spend some time in one of her collaborators' laboratories learning how to design and perform rigorous and quantitative experiments probing the impact of nanoparticle exposures on living cells. In addition, she plans to assemble a collaboration of University of Minnesota scientists and engineers to address the potential impacts of nanoparticle exposures on ecologically relevant organisms. Finally, she plans to lead scientific sessions at national meetings at which cutting-edge research in the area of nanoecotoxicology will be presented.

See Penn's faculty page for more info.

R.Lee Penn