Sarah Hobbie

College of Biological Sciences
Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior

A professor of ecology, evolution and behavior and fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, Sarah Hobbie has been with the University of Minnesota since 1998. Hobbie’s research focuses on two main areas: 1) the influence of changes in atmospheric composition, climate, land use and plant species composition on ecosystem processes, and 2) the effects of urbanization on biogeochemical cycles. Hobbie is active in the National Science Foundation Long-Term Ecological Research program, with ongoing research at the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve. She has served on the LTER Executive Board, on the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis Center’s Science Advisory Board and on several NSF panels, and has contributed to a report for the Minnesota Legislature evaluating the potential for Minnesota’s terrestrial ecosystems to sequester carbon and thus offset emissions from fossil fuel combustion. She was a McKnight Land-Grant professor and an Aldo Leopold fellow.

As an IonE resident fellow, Hobbie developed a new freshman seminar, Living Sustainably in Urban Ecosystems. The seminar included field trips and use of the Household Flux Calculator, a tool she developed with colleagues that provides a snapshot of the cycling of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus through a home.

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Sarah Hobbie