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Melding the artistic with the scientificCommons Meeting & Art Space

Art and the environment are intrinsically related. When you think of some of the most eminent works of art, from Monet to Dali, chances are there’s a clear connection to the world around us. But even beyond this basic bond is something stronger: Art can be one of the most effective ways to convey scientific ideas.

In recognition of this reality, the Institute on the Environment has begun hosting art exhibits in its Commons Meeting and Art Space. In line with the IonE mission, the exhibits break down the perception that science and art are incompatible and highlight the intersections between these two disciplines. Continue reading

Take a step backScreen shot from a Big Question video

Whether you’re an environmental scientist working to restore biodiversity in the Amazon or just someone practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle to the best of your abilities, you know the little things are important. However, the day-to-day routine can give you tunnel vision. At some point we all need to step back and refocus on the global picture.

The Institute on the Environment’s “Big Question” video series can help you do just that. These four short animated videos provide a valuable reminder that there are more than a few environmental elephants in our global room – and suggest concrete ways we can work together to address them. Continue reading