New Boreas Opportunities

You want to change the world. We know it. You’re already doing the world-class research. Now the Boreas Leadership Program provides you with the tools to take your career to the next level.
~ The Boreas Student Advisory Team

Developing an Impactful Network: Mentoring and Non-profit Board Service Workshop

IonE Seminar Room, LES Room R380
Take your networking beyond conversations over cheese squares. Develop deeper relationships and opportunities to make a real impact. You’ll learn how mentoring can help you develop the skills, practices and relationships to take your impact to the next level. You will create a plan for developing your own mentoring relationships. In the board service component you will learn about the role of non-profit board members, hear different perspectives on board service and find out about non-profits interested in having board members like you. RSVP is required.

Have Career Anxiety? Join Us For Boreas Careers Conversations

You know those questions that keep you up at night? Not the questions about how you’re going to get all those papers graded and come up with something brilliant to write in your dissertation. We’re talking about the deeper ones, about what you want this career thing to actually be. Tackle this problem in events facilitated by the Boreas student advisory team. Show up, enjoy tasty food and beverages, and take the opportunity to wrestle with tough questions in a supportive environment.

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