The Institute on the Environment and the University of Minnesota are proud to be equal opportunity employers. All employment opportunities can be found on the University’s employment website. Current employment postings are featured below. Although we receive many inquiries, the Institute on the Environment operates with a small staff and job openings are infrequent. As available, all positions and application instructions will be posted. Please note, we do not accept or respond to unsolicited job inquiries or résumés.

Natural Capital Project

Junior Scientist
Requisition Number: 194185

The Institute on the Environment seeks a Junior Scientist to work with the Natural Capital Project on the modeling and assessment of ecosystem services. The Junior Scientist will assist with spatial modeling and ecosystem service analyses in agricultural and urban landscapes in Minnesota and abroad. Projects include mapping and valuing the costs and benefits of urban parks and green spaces and planning agricultural landscapes for multiple benefits (habitat, agricultural production, water quality, flood mitigation, etc). Primary duties will include spatial analysis using a GIS, running the open-source software suite InVEST on alternative land-use scenarios, completing data collection, processing, and analysis tasks, working with stakeholder communities, and assisting with research and writing of results. Applications will be reviewed immediately and position will be open until filled.

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Northstar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise (NiSE)

Funding for this position is provided by IonE to develop accessible and interactive tools for supply chain decision-makers that link spatially and temporally explicit upstream agricultural production and manufacturing processing impacts to downstream food consumption.

Postdoctoral Associate
Requisition Number: 192849

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in industrial ecology, supply chain or operations management, agricultural or environmental sciences, economics, engineering, or a related field. Strong oral and written communication skills are essential, as are the ability and desire to work in an interdisciplinary team setting. Proficiency in statistical analysis is also required. Advanced degree must be obtained by date of appointment.

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Graduate Research Assistant
Requisition Number: 192852

This appointment is limited to students registered in a graduate degree program at the University of Minnesota. The individual should have knowledge, either obtained through experience or classes, in industrial ecology, environmental economics, operations management or environmental science or engineering and have interest in interdisciplinary, socio-technical solutions to sustainability challenges. Strong oral and written communication skills are essential, as are the ability and desire to work in an interdisciplinary team setting.

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Global Landscapes Initiative

The Global Landscapes Initiative is discovering solutions to the Earth’s biggest problems through cutting-edge research and partnerships. Current research focuses on relationships between fluctuations in yields of commodity crops and market prices. Due to the complexity of market mechanisms, this research will require consideration of other factors, such as seasonal weather forecasts and regional climatic conditions.

Assistant Scientist
Requisition Number: 192855

This appointment is limited to applicants with a bachelor’s degree in agronomy or engineering and coursework in agronomy, mathematics and statistics. The position will require computer programming experience in Matlab or R. Work experience modeling or forecasting prices of commodity crops is necessary. The assistant scientist researcher will develop a working knowledge of relationships between macroscopic biophysical conditions, such as weather, nutrient availability and irrigation and crop yields.

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Communications staff help advance our mission of discovering solutions to Earth’s biggest problems through cutting-edge research, partnerships and leadership development, and support Ensia magazine’s mission of connecting people with ideas, information and inspiration they can use to change the world.

Ensia Social Media Assistant
Requisition Number: 193343

Tasks performed in this position are entry level in nature and will focus on promoting international engagement with Ensia through social media and community engagement efforts, such as sharing stories with existing partners and working to cultivate new partners for Ensia content. Applicants should be able to demonstrate proficiency with social media, online marketing or related areas. Preference will go to applicants who can show experience supporting an organization through the use of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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Sustainability Education

The goal of Sustainability Education programs is to better prepare students for a complex and interconnected world by teaching them to address sustainability problems from multiple perspectives. In particular, the undergraduate sustainability studies minor is a well-established program that is poised to scale up and requires improved organizational and information systems as well as program evaluation to continue to develop.

Graduate Assistant
Requisition Number: 193239

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree and be a current master or Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota. Applicants must be highly organized and self-directed, have excellent writing and communication skills, and have managerial experience. Primary responsibilities include supervising undergraduate students workers using the Web, social media and print media to communicate Sustainability Education programs, including the sustainability studies minor and associated events and opportunities.

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