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The Institute on the Environment and the University of Minnesota are proud to be equal opportunity employers. All employment opportunities can be found on the University’s employment website. Although we receive many inquiries, IonE operates with a small staff and job openings are infrequent. As available, all positions and application instructions will be posted. Please note, we do not accept or respond to unsolicited job inquiries or résumés.


Events & Projects Assistant

The Institute on the Environment (IonE) is looking for a Front of House Events & Project Assistant in preparing and executing events and meetings. This role will be filled by someone who is hardworking, has a keen attention to detail, and is a team-oriented individual who will work closely with a diverse group of IonE personnel and programs. You must excel at managing time and working in a fast-paced environment while maintaining a positive attitude. This entry-level events assistant role will gain hands-on experience in executing events and meetings from start to finish, including preparation and management, correspondence with staff, setup, cleanup as well as event evaluation and tracking. This position is part of the administrative framework of IonE. As a part of the admin team, you have a responsibility to the administrative needs of the unit as a whole; we are a small team and we all strive to know how to do a little bit of everyone’s job.

This is an hourly position, with an expected 20 hrs/wk. Job code 1826, AFSCME Bargaining Unit

To learn more or apply, please visit the U of M employment website. Job ID 317099

Finance & Administrative Coordinator

The bulk of this position is doing process-driven work, meaning the work is guided by established policies and procedures. This position will be responsible for all the unit’s expense reimbursements and requisitions. That being said, this is more than a data entry position. You will be interacting with staff and students regularly as they come to you with questions or you go to them with requests. You will train, and re-train, staff on the proper way to fill out financial documents and what supporting documentation is needed, and so on. You must be comfortable working with people at all levels – from high school interns to high level executives and Directors.

We employ over 70 part- and full-time staff and students. IonE is a vibrant, dynamic and diverse community of climate & earth scientists/researchers, social & environmental justice advocates, sustainability crusaders, professional communicators, and more. We encourage applicants who see themselves working and growing in this vibrant, dynamic, and diverse community to apply.

This is a 20 hr/wk salaried position. Job code 1858, AFSCME Bargaining Unit

To learn more or apply, please visit the U of M employment website. Job ID 317103

Research Positions

Post-Doctoral Researcher

We seek a Postdoctoral Researcher with expertise in remote sensing to support a series of three workshops and lead two peer-reviewed papers to integrate Earth observations (EO) and ecosystem services.

The postdoc will:

  • provide critical intellectual input to identify linkages between Earth observation (EO) products and ecosystem service models
  • develop proof-of-concept products for more easily attainable integration
  • facilitate collaboration and grant development for cutting-edge projects

The primary role of this position will be to produce two peer-reviewed papers.

  • One will provide concrete examples of how EO products could be used in existing ES valuation tools, thereby providing examples and demonstrating varying levels of difficulty of this integration.
  • The second will provide a theoretical framework identifying the different ways that EO could be used in ES valuation and developing novel ES valuation approaches based on EO.

The secondary role of this position will be to provide meeting support, including working directly with potential participants in both the remote sensing community and the ecosystem services community. This provides an excellent opportunity to expand your network, but it does require talking to people and organizational skills.
This is a one-year position. There is the possibility for an extension of the position to execute a related project focused on grassland productivity in Mongolia.

To learn more or apply, please visit the U of M employment website. Job ID 317390

Researcher – Natcap

The Natural Capital Project or NatCap, an ongoing collaboration among the University of Minnesota, Stanford University, The Nature Conservancy, and World Wildlife Fund, seeks an experienced researcher to work on the natural capital and ecosystem services value that golf courses provide in urban areas funded by the United States Golf Association (USGA). This position will complement existing sponsored projects funded by NatCap. The researcher will join a growing urban ecosystem services team at IonE with additional projects focused on quantifying urban ecosystem services (a collaborations with the Nature Conservancy) and understanding issues of governance and environmental justice in urban areas, a project funded by the EPA.

We seek a researcher with expertise in quantitative urban ecology, ecohydrology, and/or ecosystem services to join this collaboration. The position will be based at the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment (IonE) and supervised by Dr. Eric Lonsdorf (Lead Scientist for NatCap at IonE), with additional oversight from Dr. Brian Horgan (Lead Scientist at the UMN Science of the Green Initiative) and collaboration with the larger project team at IonE NatCap, Science of the Green, and USGA.

To learn more or apply, please visit the U of M employment website. Job ID 317377

Student Positions

Ensia Magazine Social Media & Partnerships Assistant

The University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment (IonE) is seeking a part-time social media and audience engagement assistant (undergraduate) to work on its independent publication Ensia magazine. Ensia is home to high-quality environmental journalism with a focus on solutions to global environmental challenges. Applicants should familiarize themselves with the content published at ensia.com before applying.

Tasks performed in this position are entry level in nature and will focus on promoting international engagement with Ensia through social media channels and community engagement efforts, such as sharing stories with existing partners. Applicants should be able to demonstrate communication skills, proficiency with social media, online marketing or related areas, and scientific/environmental literacy.

To learn more or apply, please visit the U of M employment website. Job ID 317096