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The Institute on the Environment and the University of Minnesota are proud to be equal opportunity employers. All employment opportunities can be found on the University’s employment website. Although we receive many inquiries, IonE operates with a small staff and job openings are infrequent. As available, all positions and application instructions will be posted. Please note, we do not accept or respond to unsolicited job inquiries or résumés.


Graduate Research Assistant

We are managing a block grant to advance our renewable electricity research portfolio.  With strong oversight from the grant PI, this position will primarily serve as the program manager for the administration of the granting program.  For consideration, please submit your resume and cover letter. This position will be for, at minimum, the 2017 AY – 08/29/2016 – 05/28/2017, with availabilty to continue into Summer and the following Academic year for the right candidate.

To learn more or apply, please visit the U of M employment website. Job ID 311902.

Graduate Research Assistant in Circular Economy

As a founding member of the Sustainable Growth Coalition, IonE contributes to the intellectual and conceptual foundation of the Coalition. We are currently searching for a graduate student to help the Coalition develop a vision for a regional circular economy, an economy that restores human communities and ecosystems while generating economic value. That vision will take the form of a report that surveys the current literature on the circular economy, identifies real-world examples, characterizes the capabilities and interests of Coalition members, and pinpoints transformative, inspirational, and viable circular economy opportunities for the Coalition to pursue. The student’s report will include specific recommendations and educational materials that help the Coalition advance and explain the circular economy concept. The student should also be prepared to give an oral report at a meeting of the Sustainable Growth Coalition.

To learn more or apply, please visit the U of M employment website. Job ID 311990.

Graduate Research Assistant

The IonE Education graduate student would serve in a role to support the focal projects of the selected IonE Educators, integrate advancements in educational experiences and pedagogy into the Sustainability Education program, and facilitate communication within the cohort and extend the visibility of their work within the University. This work could include identifying best practices for pedagogy in sustainability education, including integrating complex approaches to work on real-world sustainability challenges. Examples of these approaches are systems thinking, scenario planning, design thinking, world cafe discussion techniques and a knowledge-to-impact framework to respond to Grand Challenges. The GRA will also identify current faculty members using innovative teaching techniques to highlight their efforts and collaborate with faculty members to replicate to other courses.

To learn more or apply, please visit the U of M employment website. Job ID 312273.

Sustainability Education

Communications Assistant

The Sustainability Education Assistant for Communications is an undergraduate part-time position. The person in this role will be responsible for generating content for public communications for Sustainability Education, with University of Minnesota students as the primary audience. Key tasks include organizing information related to a variety of Sustainability Education program, writing for the program website and newsletter, managing social media, and publicizing sustainability-related events. The employee will also help plan Sustainability Education-related events for students at the University of Minnesota.

To learn more or apply, please visit the U of M employment website. Job ID 312237.

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