Reserving Space at IonE

Thank you for your interest in reserving space at the Institute on the Environment. We are happy to share our offices with University of Minnesota departments and external organizations whose mission or interests align with IonE’s.

Please note: IonE is not a conference center and cannot provide event support. If you choose to reserve space at IonE, you will be responsible for providing an event lead for any logistical or onsite support. In addition, IonE holds the right to cancel any reservation for events external to our department up to one month in advance. If you are planning a meeting or event as a member of the IonE community or associated with an IonE grant, please contact Kimberly Long.

To reserve space at IonE, follow these steps:

  1. Review this page, including the room(s) in which your meeting will be held.
  2. Review IonE’s room agreement policy (PDF).
  3. Complete the room reservation request form.
  4. If you are not an internal University of Minnesota organization/entity, please see the ‘Fees’ section below.

Please note that IonE spaces are only available during normal weekday business hours from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm as an IonE staff member must be onsite. IonE does not provide technical or administrative assistance for non cosponsored events with internal or external organizations.


There is no cost to internal University organizations.

If you are an external organization/entity there will be a $50 fee for half-day use and $100 fee for full-day. You will be required to submit a completed copy of the IonE UMN Facility Use Agreement to Kimberly Long along with your room reservation request.

Lecture Requests

The Institute on the Environment welcomes seminars, workshops and other activities into our spaces on themes closely affiliated with the Institute’s mission. If an activity is not formally associated with the University of Minnesota, there is a nominal fee. Space is allocated based on relevance and availability.

Requests should be submitted online here.
Further information on event sponsorship can be found here.


The LES building has accessible entrances (ground-level flat entrance or power door opener) via the east side basement level entrance and the west side of the building by the Gortner Avenue Parking Ramp. Please contact if you have questions or require accommodations.

​A map of gender-neutral/all-gender restrooms on campus is located here. In relation to the LES building:
– Coffey Hall, basement (accessible through the Gopher Way from LES)
– Biological Sciences Building, 2nd floor
– Peters Hall, lower level

Directions & Parking

View map, directions, and parking information.

Signage & Front Desk

Our administrative office is located half a level up from the main floor. Guests who are unfamiliar with our building are often confused by the building’s layout. It can be beneficial to check in with the front desk worker in Suite 325 to ensure they are aware of your event and can direct attendees accordingly. It may also be helpful to print and hang signage throughout the building. Printing materials are the responsibility of those reserving space and should be recycled at the end of your event.

Food & Beverage Zero Waste Policies

**All catering supplies, including plates, utensils, catering trays, etc, must be compostable, recyclable or reusable starting in January 2018. IonE is excited to launch this initiative, and thank you for your support and contribution!**

Food and beverages are allowed in all of our spaces as long as they adhere to our zero waste policy. We have a coffee machine and coffee & water carafes available for use. You must bring your own coffee grounds, compostable cups/mugs, compostable utensils/plates, napkins, etc. Please see the IonE room reservation agreement for further details.

You are welcome to order catering from a vendor listed on our approved caterers list here. What your caterer should know:

  • Caterers should be told to park in the loading dock in the back of our building (between the LES Building and Gortner Avenue Ramp).
  • They will need to come in the building’s side door (off Gortner Avenue).
  • Use the elevator to go up to level 3 for 325A or 3R for all other meeting spaces.
  • If your order requires setup, the catering company should retrieve the loading zone parking pass from the front desk worker or events coordinator (office 325P).
  • All leftover catering trays, dishware and food must be appropriately taken care of (composted, recycled, etc).
  • We make it easy for all our events to be Zero Waste, and we have industrial compost bins on site for your convenience.

Below is a quick look at approved caterers:

More information on organics at IonE and other caterers supporting this policy can be found here.

UMN Recycling has put together a helpful organics recycling guide: UMN Recycling Compost Info Sheet.

Alcohol Policy

If you would like to serve alcoholic beverages at your meeting:

  • Fill out an Alcohol Use Application.
  • IonE will submit the form to the Office of Risk Management on behalf of your event, and we must receive this form from you at least 15 days before your event.
  • If your application for alcohol use is approved, your event lead will be required to be listed as the responsible person.
  • IonE will not assume responsibility for any conduct related to alcohol use.


You are responsible for cleaning up after your event. A detailed list of what is expected is outlined in IonE’s room agreement policy (PDF).


Please come to your meeting with your materials prepared and copied. The St. Paul Copy Center can help you if any materials need to be printed.

Commons Meeting & Art Space

The IonE commons is a first-come, first-served space for IonE staff and faculty. It can be rented out for special events under the stipulation that IonE staff will still have access to the kitchen connected to the commons. This is not an appropriate meeting venue if the information you will be discussing is confidential. Reserving this space may require additional follow-up from Kimberly Long.

Room Maps & A/V Information

All A/V equipment provided in IonE’s shared spaces is available with your room reservation. You must bring your own computer to use the displays. You may use outside vendors if additional technology or A/V capabilities are needed.

Seminar Room (R-380)

  • r380chairs
  • r380pods

Room Specs

  • Projector with 132” screen and speakers
  • VGA/audio cable (includes Apple video adapter)
  • Wireless microphones (4, Lavalier style)
  • Wireless internet access
  • Ethernet internet access (at podium)
  • Phone line: 612-624-2814
  • Polycom available for reservation
  • Whiteboards (3)
  • Podium


Board Room (R-370)

  • r370

Room specs

  • 60” wall-mounted monitor with speakers
  • HDMI and VGA/audio cables (includes Apple video adapters)
  • Wireless internet access
  • Ethernet internet access (1, below monitor)
  • Phone line: 612-624-2781
  • Polycom available for reservation
  • Whiteboards (2)


Commons Meeting & Art Space (R-350)

  • r350default
  • r350default2

Room Specs

  • 54” wall-mounted monitor with speakers
  • HDMI and VGA/audio cables (includes Apple video adapters)
  • Wireless internet access
  • Ethernet internet access (1, below monitor)
  • Whiteboards (3)


Maroon Room (connected to R-350)

  • maroon

Room specs

  • 46” portable monitor with speakers and VGA/audio cables
  • Wireless internet access
  • Ethernet internet access (1)
  • Whiteboard


Gold Room (connected to R-350)

  • gold

Room specs

  • 46” portable monitor with speakers and VGA/audio cables (includes Apple video adapter)
  • Wireless internet access
  • Ethernet internet access (1)
  • Whiteboard


Conference Room (325A)

Room specs

  • 75” wall-mounted monitor with speakers
  • HDMI, VGA, and Mini Display Port
  • Wireless internet access
  • Built in computer with wireless keyboard and touchpad
  • Logitech GROUP video conference system
  • Phone line: 612-626-1176
  • Whiteboard