Natural Capital Project

Woman looking up at trees

Nature provides a range of direct and indirect benefits to people — clean water to drink, food to eat and outdoor spaces in which to recreate, to name just a few. Despite our clear dependence on the natural world, the link between human well-being and the environment is often left out of planning and decision-making. We need to mainstream how we quantify and evaluate the multiple benefits nature provides and incorporate them into decisions.

Natural Capital Project LogoThe Natural Capital Project, a 10-year partnership among the University of Minnesota, Stanford University, The Nature Conservancy and the World Wildlife Fund, is at the forefront of developing interdisciplinary science that incorporates the value of natural capital and ecosystem services — the benefits nature provides to people — into decision-making.

NatCap aims to integrate the values of nature into decisions affecting the environment and human well-being. We collaborate with academic researchers, conservation organizations, businesses and government agencies to conduct rigorous science and develop innovative decision support tools that model, map, elevate and communicate these values.

Explore more resources and news and download our open-source software tools on the Natural Capital Project website. Interested in collaborating with our team? Email, or call us at 612-626-2120.