Current sustainability challenges are bigger than any single person, organization or government. Solutions will require new shared knowledge, innovation and coordination.

NorthStar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise partnerships take many forms. In all cases, corporate, nonprofit and public partners benefit from and contribute to our work to improve understanding of emerging green technologies, sustainability in global value chain networks, and the management and disclosure of sustainability activities. Recent collaborations include:

Environmental Defense Fund

Partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund’s market and technical expertise, NiSE is mapping the U.S. corn value chain, company by company. By modeling how corn moves from production to primary demand (fuel and feed) to secondary processing (by-products and meat), we uncover new opportunities to enhance food system sustainability.

Global Environmental Management Initiative & Climate Earth

Working with the Global Environmental Management Initiative and Climate Earth, we created a free browser-based tool to help managers make good sourcing and procurement decisions. The tool provides insights into carbon dioxide equivalent and water impacts within a financial context, offering a portfolio view of the supply chain and enabling trade-offs between impacts and across purchase categories.

CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project)

In providing analytical support to CDP’s supply chain program, NiSE developed firm-specific comparative benchmarking reports for participating suppliers across the supply chains of PepsiCo, Philips, L’Oreal and others. In the process, we also developed innovative methods toward supply chain reporting metrics.

Northwest Advanced Renewable Alliance

NiSE is providing leadership in assessing environmentally preferred products for the Northwest Advanced Renewable Alliance, a five-year, $40 million initiative to help develop wood-based alternatives to petroleum-based fuels and chemicals. Working with corporate partners like Gevo and Weyerhaeuser, NiSE is assessing the economic and environmental trade- offs across multiple outputs of a biorefinery.