E3 Conference

E3 2011 Recap

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Over 300 experts and enthusiasts gathered at the McNamara Alumni Center to share their renewable energy success stories during E3 2011. Thanks to all of our sponsors, attendees, speakers, and research poster presenters for making this year's conference successful!

Keynote Speaker

Alexis Madrigal is a senior editor at The Atlantic and host of The Atlantic's Technology Channel,  a look at the human side of technology. His book, Powering the Dream: The History and Promise of Green Technology, describes the history of green technology experimentation, what we learn from it and how it can help us build a brighter future. In his keynote presentation for E3 2011, Madrigal will shared a unique and hopeful perspective on green technology and its business potential and explored how technology is changing human beings' brains, consumption patterns and environments. Read the presentation summary

Research Posters

Over 70 IREE-funded projects presented posters at E3 2011. Click here to view the abstracts (PDF).

Renewable Energy Success Stories Speakers

For a list of all speakers who participated in the E3 2011 Conference please download a copy of the conference program.

Tales from Corporate America - An International Perspective - A Student's Journey - University of Minnesota Impact

Renewable Energy Success Stories: Tales from Corporate America

  • 3M Renewable Energy - Aligning Capabilities to Industry Needs
    Tracy Anderson, Director, Renewable Energy Division, 3M
  • DuPont Sustainable Growth in Industrial Biosciences
    Robin Jenkins, Sustainability Competency Leader, DuPont
  • Abengoa, Innovative Technology Solutions for Sustainability
    Gerson Santos-León, Executive Vice President, Abengoa Bioenergy New Technologies


Renewable Energy Success Stories: An International Perspective


Renewable Energy Success Stories: A Student's Journey


Renewable Energy and Materials Success Stories: University of Minnesota Impact