Ecolab Student-Initiated Sustainability Leadership Projects

Ecolab Student-Initiated Sustainability Leadership Projects

Award: up to $2,000

Application Opens: April 15, 2020

Application Deadline: May 15, 2020

These scholarships support students in designing and leading projects to address environmental grand challenges. Projects can be led on or off campus, but student applicants must identify a university or community professional who is able to serve a project advisor. The project advisor will be asked to provide guidance to the student during the project and complete a brief evaluation of the student’s project. 

  • Students applying for summer Student-Initiated Sustainability Leadership Projects should be able to start their project in early June. 
  • Selected applicants will attend monthly cohort meetings during the summer and following academic year. 
  • This scholarship is for unpaid internships. Small benefits such as occasional lunches, free tickets, and parking privileges do not count as salary. Modest stipends (less than $100 total) also do not count as salary.
  • Scholarship recipients will receive half the scholarship at the beginning of the leadership project, and half after completing the leadership project.

Application Process: 

  • First, students must have a project advisor to coach/mentor the project.
  • Complete the online application form by May 15, 2020.
  • Candidates may be asked to attend an interview as part of the selection process.

Questions about any of these scholarships can be sent to

See responses to common questions on the FAQ page.

I have been interested in working to promote sustainability for several years, and have attempted to incorporate this desire into everything I do at the University of Minnesota because I believe that this is extremely relevant to our future.

Clara Holder