Education & Leadership

IonE is shaping the next generation of transdisciplinary environmental leaders by empowering undergraduate, graduate, professional and postdoctoral students from a wide range of backgrounds and interests with skills in communication, media relations, entrepreneurship, systems thinking and more.

  • Acara Social Entrepreneurship
    Acara gives emerging University of Minnesota student entrepreneurs a chance to envision and launch impact venture solutions to grand social and environmental challenges through its five courses, Acara Challenge competition, and Acara Venture Awards and Fellowships.
  • Boreas
    Boreas Leadership Program
    The Boreas Leadership Program offers University of Minnesota graduate and professional students and postdoctoral fellows co-curricular leadership development opportunities that build on the strengths of graduate education to create effective change agents.
  • Undergraduate Leaders
    Undergraduate Leaders Program
    The Undergraduate Leaders Program helps University students develop into world changers. These students take part in a combination of skills workshops, cohort activities and mentorship opportunities to gain leadership skills and build professional networks.
  • Sustainability Studies
    Sustainability Studies
    Sustainability Studies programs help to empower the next generation of sustainability leaders and scholars capable of thinking and interacting across disciplinary and sectoral boundaries by providing administrative support for sustainability undergraduate and graduate education.
  • Dow SISCA Challenge, Credit: Nancy Johnson, ME Department
    Dow SISCA Challenge
    The Dow Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award a competitive program of IonE and Dow Chemical Company, rewards students for interdisciplinary innovation and research that advances sustainable solutions to pressing social, economic and environmental problems.