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At the Institute on the Environment, we envision a future in which people and planet prosper together. Many organizations share this vision but don’t necessarily have direct access to — and may struggle to keep up with — the rapidly evolving data, tools, and expertise needed to generate truly transformative and sustainable enterprise solutions.

Link is meeting this need. Our annual cohort platform brings together partner organizations, each with their own knowledge-limited sustainability challenge, and pairs them with dedicated research teams drawn from the ranks of our world-class university system. Each problem receives focused attention and a swift solution, while the opportunity to work on individual challenges in tandem with others yields collective insight. Through Link, organizations across multiple sectors gain access to the best science to solve their sustainability challenges – and together redefine best practices while accelerating sustainability overall.

Real-World Problems

Implementing sustainability is complicated, and it isn’t getting easier. Link tackles complex problems of importance to your organization, while the cohort advances our collective understanding.

Science-Based Solutions

With access to distinguished faculty, professional researchers, robust datasets and cutting-edge tools, Link delivers science-based solutions that build organizational capacity.

Best Practices Redefined

By solving individual challenges side by side, participants learn from one another, build skills, and generate collective insight. Link helps you solve, learn, and lead the future practices of sustainability – together.

Who We Are: Change Agents

With access to 3,800 faculty – including members of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences – more that 16,000 graduate students, and thousands of professional researchers, Link can efficiently connect you to the widest range of sustainability experts.

Organizational partners benefit from a direct line into IonE and our network of change agents. Each partner’s sustainability challenge is matched with a team of individuals drawn from IonE’s community of cutting-edge scholars and researchers, including our innovative research scientists, our esteemed Fellows, our rising-star Associates, our creative Educators, and our Visiting Scholars.

We recognize that the sustainability challenges that organizations face span a variety of disciplines and skill sets – which is why IonE’s interdisciplinary approach to research and access to university-wide scholarship is a critical element of our problem-solving platform. This is a partial list of areas where IonE and external partners have worked together; for specific project examples, visit our Solutions page.

  • Climate adaptation
  • Land-use planning
  • Sustainable waste management
  • Supply-chain transparency
  • Renewable energy
  • Global production & consumption systems
  • Energy management
  • Ecosystem services
  • Systems design/logistics

How It Works: Shared Knowledge

In short: You bring us your most complicated problem – whether it’s a vision you want to test or a bottleneck you must address. We pair your organization’s project manager with a research team that brings the best available science and tools to bear on a solution. Each project team then rolls up their sleeves and problem-solves side by side with other project teams in the annual cohort.

The annual cohort offers in-person and online workshops that grow participants’ expertise and build competencies across all project teams. Partners will receive a final summary report, outlining approaches, findings, and prioritized recommendations. Solutions will become part of Link’s shared-knowledge portfolio that highlights best-practices for accelerating sustainability actions.

For the 2019 cohort – enrolling now and launching in fall 2018 – Link is accepting a maximum of 10 partner organizations, ensuring the highest impact experience possible. Projects are completed on a 6–12 month timeline, and project fees range according to scope and complexity.

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