The Institute on the Environment has a track record of efficiently solving sustainability challenges in collaboration with business, community, and government partners. The case-study summaries below highlight the kinds of smart, solutions-oriented projects that the talented people of IonE have led.

Low-Carbon in “Last-Mile” Delivery

Product delivery solutions are rapidly changing – especially for traditional brick-and-mortar businesses – as online retail sales, fulfillment, and delivery requires deeper analysis and management of complex logistical systems. Link is working with a national retailer to identify critical environmental information along segments of its fulfillment and delivery fleet. This information will enable science-based decision-making on technological advances across the company’s last-mile operations.

Supply Chain GHG Emissions

Organizational supply chains can be complex. This can be challenging when trying to quantify greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across an organization. Work with Cargill focused on better understanding upstream environmental impacts of key commodities important to it’s business. Through this work, Cargill gained insight into the relative contribution of different commodities, helping to inform how to prioritize reduction efforts.

Food Rescue: Closing the Loop

Across the United States, too much food is wasted – as much as 40 percent goes in the trash. Hennepin County, MN, in partnership with The Food Group and Taher, Inc., is trying to change that. In 2017, the partners piloted a food-rescue program at the Minneapolis farmers market and are now working with Link to assess the viability of scaling up the model. Anticipated outcomes of this work are reduction of food waste going into landfills, identification of  secondary uses for excess produce, and assessment of other sources of excess food.