Summertime viewing to enlighten and inspire


Keep your brain limber this summer by learning about cutting-edge solutions to the planet’s environmental grand challenges. During your down time, we invite you to watch video recordings of the Institute on the Environment’s Frontiers in the Environment series, a forum for experts from the University of Minnesota and other institutions to informally share their work on a wide-range of cutting-edge issues, wrapped up with a lively Q&A.

Browse the archives or choose from this list of nine, hand picked from nearly 40 talks. They are sure to enlighten and inspire!

The videos are ready to go for viewing on a laptop or desktop computer; if you want to enjoy them lakeside from your tablet or phone, just download Adobe® Connect™ Mobile for iOS or Adobe Connect for Android.

From spring 2014, check out “Science Communication” to learn about MinuteEarth, a YouTube-based animation series that’s getting people around the world excited about earth and climate science; “What IS the Green Economy, and How Do We Get One?,” a discussion about government, corporate and consumer approaches that can move us closer to a green economy; and “Yellowstone: More Valuable Then Gold,” the account of the successful campaign to keep gold mining out of Yellowstone National Park.

From fall 2013, see “The Palm Oil Problem,” a look at the environmental consequences of — and potential solutions to — the ubiquitous ingredient used in countless household products; “Redefining Agricultural Productivity,” a conversation about how small changes in diet could feed more people and reduce the impact of agriculture; and “Tracking the Wild Ones” on field research that seeks to understand how a changing climate is affecting wild animal populations.

From spring 2013, watch “Is Frac[k] a Four-letter Word?” a discussion about the pros and cons of hydraulic fracturing and emerging technologies that may mitigate its environmental impact; “Are All Tomatoes Created Equal?,” exploring whether exposure to agricultural and food processing chemicals are contributing to obesity and chronic illness; and “University-Community Collaboration to Advance Sustainability,” a peek into the U’s Resilient Communities Project and its partnership with the City of Minnetonka.

Live Frontiers talks will resume in the fall – watch this website for more information and plan to attend a live presentation, stream online or check out the archived videos on your own schedule. Everyone is welcome!