Grants and Funding Announcements

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The Institute on the Environment’s fellowships and grants provide support for people and projects across the University of Minnesota system. For the latest information on current and upcoming funding opportunities, please sign up for announcements here or contact us at

Mini Grants

IonE has awarded our Fall 2019 cycle of Mini Grants; please see our announcement here. We expect to release the Spring 2020 RFP on March 2nd with a deadline for proposal submission of April 12th.

Mini Grants are offered twice a year in the Fall and Spring semester and are awards of $3,000 or less for project periods of up to 18 months. Mini Grants are intended to spur new collaborative and multidisciplinary efforts on environmental and sustainability topics across the University of Minnesota system.

If you are interested in being an IonE Mini Grant reviewer, please email

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Grant

The Institute on the Environment’s mission is to lead the way toward a future in which people and the environment prosper together. To further that mission, we acknowledge the role social inequality has played in perpetuating disproportionate environmental outcomes and have established a recurring annual fund to accelerate 3-6 projects that help people and the environment prosper together more equitably and justly.

The DEI funding opportunity is currently closed.

Sponsored Projects

IonE has worked with Faculty and Staff members from units and colleges that span the entire University of Minnesota system. Our strength is rooted in our collaborations across campuses.

Do you have a sponsored project that you’d like to partner with IonE on? We can help you get it done – from beginning to end. We have coordinated sponsored projects with everyone from large governmental agencies (UDSA, NSF, NIH, etc.) to local non-profit agencies, and everyone in between. We specialize in finding creative ways to do unique and collaborative projects.

For further information please contact us at

Institute Fellowships

The IonE Affiliates Program provides funds for scholars to engage in innovative research and problem solving and pursue leadership training. IonE fellowships are open to faculty on all University of Minnesota campuses.

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowships

See more about applying for an IDF through IonE here.