2010 Resident Fellows

The 19 individuals chosen as 2010 IonE resident fellows were each awarded $60,000 over three years to carry out interdisciplinary projects related to environmental grand challenges. Here’s what they’re doing with their fellowship funds:

Jeannine Cavender-Bares
Cavender-Bares is collaborating with scientists across the U.S. and Mexico to develop a distributed graduate seminar in sustainability science that addresses the issues and trade-offs of meeting human needs while managing Earth’s life support systems. Full bio

Aaron Doering
Doering is developing a user-driven adventure learning environment and an adventure learning center for humanity. Doering is also developing an environmental education mini-conference. Full bio

Efi Foufoula-Georgiou
Foufoula-Georgiou is creating new venues for IonE-NCED interactions and cooperative activities, engaging U of M researchers in NCED’s activities, and building networks for national and international initiatives. Full bio

Pat Hamilton
Hamilton is focusing on efforts to develop novel approaches to involve the Institute on the Environment in informal science education and strengthening the partnership between IonE and the Science Museum of Minnesota. Full bio

Jason Hill
Hill’s current research focuses on developing new ways of assessing the life cycle impacts of renewable energy sources, in particular, bioenergy. Full bio

I. Volkan Isler
Isler is working with field scientists on building autonomous data-collection systems. Toward this end, his group built a robotic boat for tracking invasive carp in Minnesota lakes and a land-based robotic data-mule system for collecting data from stationary wireless sensors. Full bio

Jennifer Kuzma
Kuzma is researching the risks and benefits of nanotechnology to determine how social and policy variables can maximize benefits while mitigating risks. She’s also looking at the effects of emerging technologies on algae biofuel production. Full bio

Clarence Lehman
Lehman is expanding the Whole Earth Dynamics program, hosting a symposium and integrating the sustainability studeis minor with the IonE. He is also expanding his research to focus on bioenergy from grasslands to wetlands and woodlands. Full bio

Steve Manson
Manson is developing the first hybrid models that combine land cover with land use, integrating new forms of population and environmental data to improve the characterization of global landscapes. Full bio

Julian Marshall
Marshall is developing a course in which students form interdisciplinary teams to find solutions to a specified problem in an underprivileged community. Full bio

Mark Pedelty
Pedelty is collaborating with chemists and environmental biologists to determine whether community-based performance can make a measurable difference in mitigating environmental damage. Full bio

Katey Pelican
Pelican is continuing her research with the Ecosystem Health Initiative and expanding the University of Minnesota’s Sub-Saharan Africa program, enabling more African students to receive advanced training in veterinary medicine. Full bio

Stephen Polasky
Polasky is working to expand current integrated models showing the impact of land use on ecosystem services. In addition, he seeks to engage public and private sector groups to improve land use planning. Full bio

Jennifer Powers
Powers is developing a framework that establishes how ecologists, economists and park managers can collaborate to protect ecosystem services in tropical dry forests, such as those in Costa Rica. Full bio

Peter Reich
Reich is connecting social, political and environmental threads so local and global societies recognize the need to work toward a sustainable future. Full bio

Carissa Schively Slotterback
Schively Slotterback is identifying and evaluating the early policies efforts undertaken by state and local governments, as well as emerging discussions at the federal level related to addressing climate change impacts through environmental impact analysis. Full bio

Randy Singer
Singer is researching the spread of antibiotics in soil over space and time, and relating his findings to the amplification of specific resistance genes in bacteria as well as the overall diversity of resistance. Full bio

Tim Smith
Smith is building a center for sustainable enterprise development that aligns private and public actors in achieving sustainability, and advancing research on market mechanisms involved in the transition to renewable energy. Full bio

G. David Tilman
Tilman is examining long-term trends in land use and agriculture and their environmental implications. He’s also using life-cycle analysis to track the impacts of food consumption around the world. Full bio