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Project Number Project Title PI Award Date
M1-2004Value Added Technologies for Utilization of Crop Bio-products and ResiduesRoger Ruan10/13/2003
M2-2004Next Generation Solar Heating SystemsJane Davidson12/05/2003
M4A-2004Energy Efficient Roof and Attic SystemJane Davidson03/22/2004
M6-2004Hydrogen Fueling StationsLanny Schmidt12/13/2005
M8-2004Renewable Hydrogen and Chemicals from EthanolLanny Schmidt05/11/2004
M4B-2004Advanced Energy Efficient Roof SystemJane Davidson06/14/2004
M1-2007Mass Culture of Algae for BiofuelsRoger Ruan08/13/2007
M1-2008Low Carbon Fuel StandardsSteve Taff02/27/2008
M2A-2008Sodium Sulfur Battery Energy Storage and Its Potential to Enable Further Integration of WindNed Mohan05/01/2008
M2B-2008Sodium Sulfur Battery Energy Storage and its Potential to Enable Further Integration of WindWilliam Smyrl05/01/2010
M4-2008Development of a High-Resolution Virtual Wind Simulator for Optimal Design of Wind Energy ProjectsFotis Sotiropoulos05/14/2009
M5-2008Advanced Water Power Project: Improved Structure and Fabrication of Large, High-Power KHPS RotorsFotis Sotiropoulos04/02/2009
M6-2008Advancements in Solar Heating and CoolingJane Davidson08/31/2008
M7-2008Routes to High Performance Multi Junction CIGS-Based PhotovoltaicsStephen Campbell10/01/2008
RM-0001-09Exploiting Genetic Variation in Soybean to Increase OilSue Gibson01/01/2009
RM-0003-09Using genomics to increase soybean biodiesel yieldSue Gibson01/01/2009
RM-0004-09Sustainable Forest Feedstock for Bioenergy Production: Enhancing Physical and Economic AvailabilityDennis Becker10/15/2008
RM-0012-09The Rational Development of Industrial StrainsFriedrich Srienc03/30/2009
RM-0018-09Renewable Energy and Sustainable Chemistry Across the Undergraduate Chemistry CurriculumTed M. Pappenfus07/01/2010
M4-2005Renewable energy from Sunlight using Organic PhotovoltaicsDaniel Frisbie10/22/2004
M2-2005Using Genomics to Increase Soybean Biodiesel YieldSue Gibson05/10/2005
M3-2005Miniaturization of mediatorless microbial fuel cells for high-throughput studies of bacteria-electrode interactionsDaniel Bond12/02/2005
M4C-2005Development of Low Cost Solar Water Heating System for Cold ClimatesJane Davidson01/14/2005
M8-2005Biomass Characterization EquipmentShri Ramaswamy01/28/2005
RM-0002-10An Industry/Academe Consortium for Achieving 20% wind by 2030 through Cutting-Edge Research and Workforce TrainingFotis Sotiropoulos01/15/2010
RM-0008-10Shewanella as an Ideal Platform for Producing Hydrocarbon FuelLarry Wackett01/01/2010
RM-0012-10Demonstrations of the FLD Biomass Technology Bio-baler in MinnesotaDean Current11/19/2009
RM-0017-10A Nationwide Consortium of Universities to Revitalize Electric Power Engineering Education by State‐of‐the‐Art LaboratoriesNed Mohan07/30/2010
RM-0016-10Innovative, Diversified Agroforestry Plantings in Support of Energy Security, Environmental Quality, and Local EconomiesDean Current03/01/2010
RM-0018-10Developing a reaction transport model that couples chemical reactions of mineral dissolution/precipitation with spatial and temporal flow variations in CO2/brine/rock systemsMartin Saar01/08/2010
RM-0021-10Research Turbidostat for algal culturesIgor Libourel01/15/2010
RM-0024-10Molecular Design of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle-Dye Dyads and TriadsWayne Gladfelter09/01/2010
RM-0030-10EFRI-RESTOR Thermochemical Routes to Efficient and Rapid Production of Solar FuelsJane Davidson08/15/2010
RM-0031-10Catalytic Gasification of Corn ResiduesLanny Schmidt09/15/2010
RM-0034-10University of Minnesota, Morris: Corn Stover Densification ProjectLowell Rasmussen06/01/2010
RM-0040-10Spatial Modeling and Collaborative Landscape Design to Improve Nutrient Management, Agricultural Productivity, and Ecosystem Services in the MRBNicholas Jordan09/16/2010
RM-0032-10Transforming corn from a commodity crop to a higher-energy, multipurpose biofuel cropRex Bernardo06/01/2010
RM-0042-10NorthernSTAR Energy Efficient Housing Research Partnership TeamPatrick Huelman12/01/2010
RM-0002-11Pathways toward sustainable bioenergy feedstock production in the Mississippi River WatershedJason Hill09/30/2010
RM-0033-10Adding value to ethanol production byproduct (distillers grain) through production of biochar and bio-oilKurt Spokas08/01/2010
RM-0003-11Solar Daylighting ProjectJohn Carmody09/01/2010
RM-0004-11Improving Handling Characteristics of Herbaceous BiomassVance Morey01/01/2009
RM-0010-11Developing Native and Native-European Hybrid Hazelnut Germplasm and Agronomics for the Upper MidwestDonald L. Wyse09/01/2011
RM-0017-11Center for Sustainable PolymersMarc Hillmyer09/01/2011
RM-0027-11Reliable lightweight transmission for utility scale wind turbinesFotis Sotiropoulos09/30/2011
RM-0028-11Training for future biotechnology developmentClaudia Schmidt-Dannert07/01/2012
RM-0018-11Development and commercialization of a biorefinery for processing DDGS in biofuels and other value-added productsPavel Krasutsky03/23/2011
RM-0019-11Economic Evaluation of Deploying Small- to Moderate-ScaleNitrogen Fertilizer Production Plants in Minnesota Using Wind and Grid-Based Electrical Energy SourcesMichael Reese07/01/2011
RM-0020-11Development and Evaluation of a Novel, Small Pilot Scale Non-Thermal Plasma Process for the Production of Nitrogen Fertilizer from Wind and Other Renewable ResourcesMichael Reese06/15/2011
RM-0022-11Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) of Stillage Products generated from Corn Ethanol production - New value added ProductsKenneth Valentas08/01/2011
RM-0024-11Implication of Corn Producer Participation Rates on Stover Biomass MarketsJoel Tallaksen05/31/2011
RM-0001-12Solar fuels via partial redox cycles with heat recoveryJane Davidson12/19/2011
RM-0003-12Evaluating Wood Energy Opportunity ZonesDennis Becker08/08/2011
RM-0004-12Turbine aeration design software for mitigating adverse environmental impacts resulting from conventional hydropower turbinesJohn Gulliver09/30/2011
RM-0005-12High-resolution computational algorithms for simulating offshore wind turbines and farms: Model development and validationFotis Sotiropoulos09/30/2011
RM-0008-12Expansion of Al-Corn Dry Grind Ethanol Plant to Second Generation Biofuel ProductionJohn Sheehan02/01/2012
RM-0010-12Hydrothermal Pretreatment to Improve the Energy Density and Processing Characteristics of Minnesota BiomassAndriy B Khotkevych10/01/2012
RM-0016-12Using genomics to increase soybean biodiesel yieldSue Gibson01/01/2012
RM-0018-12Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to MethanolPing Wang12/01/2011
RM-0021-12Development and commercialization of a biorefinery for processing DDGS in biofuels and other value-added productsPavel Krasutsky05/31/2012
RM-0022-12Higher Value Product from Corn EthanolLarry Wackett06/12/2012
RM-0023-12Demonstrating an Economically Viable Approach to Algal Bio-diesel ProductionMichael Mageau04/15/2012
RM-0024-12High Efficiency Enabled by Hydrous Ethanol use in Dual-Fuel Diesel EnginesWill Northrop08/23/2012
RM-0025-12Assessment of cattail cover in northwest Minnesota and potential for concurrent bioenergy harvest and wetland managementDaniel Svedarsky04/01/2012
RM-0026-12Distributed production of DME based fuels using microwave technology and direct catalytic synthesisRoger Ruan04/01/2012
RM-0031-12Low Cost Compressed Natural Gas CompressorPerry Y Li01/01/2013
RM-0002-13Flexible Molecular Sieve MembranesMichael Tsapatsis03/01/2013
RM-0006-13Developing genomic tools in Pennycress (Thlaspi arvense) for sustainable biofuel production and weed suppressionM. David Marks06/20/2012
RM-0008-13Recovering Valuable Bio-Based Products from Thin Stillage in Corn Ethanol PlantsKenneth Valentas04/25/2013
RM-0011-13Adding value to corn and agricultural byproducts through production of biochar and bio-oil: Step TwoRoger Ruan08/28/2013
RM-0013-13Development of a Port-Injected Hydrous Ethanol System for Diesel EnginesWill Northrop06/24/2013
RM-0001-14Community-based energy business: cities and counties as energy supply operatorsSabine Engel01/01/2014