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Project Number Project Title PI Award Date
SG-B1-2004Production of Bio-energy and Bio-products from Alfalfa and WillowGregg A. Johnson12/05/2003
SG-B10-2004Development of Research Infrastructure for Hybrid Poplar Biomass Production in MinnesotaBill Berguson01/01/2004
SG-B12-2004Synthesis and properties of polyesters using 3-hydroxy proprionic acid (3HP) as the primary building blockMarc Hillmyer02/02/2004
SG-B2-2004Development of a Biorefining Model for Corn ProcessingRoger Ruan12/05/2003
SG-B3-2004Functional Genomics of Bacterial EnergeticsArkady Khodursky12/05/2003
SG-B4-2004Using Genomics Tools to Manipulate Carbon Partitioning to Increase Crop Yields of Biofuels and Biobased ProductsSue Gibson02/02/2004
SG-B1-2006Environmental Genomic Libraries for Discovering Novel Enzymes for Bioenergy and BiocatalysisMichael Sadowsky06/05/2006
SG-B9-2004Moisture Degradation Kinetics of Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) productsShri Ramaswamy02/04/2004
SG-B7-2006Computational systems biology tools in cellulosic biofuels researchYiannis Kaznessis12/14/2006
RS-0028-09Use of Transcriptomics to Identify Lignin-Degrading Enzymes in FungiStephen Gantt05/15/2009
RS-0029-09Creation of energy efficient inorganic-bonded structural insulated panelsMatthew Aro06/01/2009
RS-0034-09State Climate Action PlanningElizabeth Wilson07/01/2009
RS-0037-09Hydrothermal Carbonization of Algae and Agricultural Wastes: Synthetic BiocoalMichael Sadowsky04/01/2009
RS-0039-09Improved Energy Production for Large Wind TurbinesGary Balas05/11/2009
SG-C5-2005Hybrid Energy Systems Study (HESS) Phase IIJames Licari05/01/2005
RS-0006-09Enhanced Biogas Formation from Animal Wastes: Evaluation of a new technology for increased biogas quality and quantityMichael Sadowsky09/08/2009
RS-0008-09Hydrostatic Transmission for Wind Power GenerationKim Stelson09/01/2009
RS-0009-09Next Generation Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsDavid Blank05/01/2009
RS-0010-09Biohydrogen-Based Biofuel Cells: Highly Efficient and Clean Electricity Generation Using Mixed Wastewater FeedstocksJun Zhu09/01/2009
RS-0013-09Minnesota Microorganisms for Electrical BiocatalysisDaniel Bond07/01/2009
RS-0021-09Reduction of CO2 to CH4 using nanostructured heterojunction photocatalystsEray Aydil05/01/2009
RS-0025-09Universal Utility Interface for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles with Vehicle-to-Grid FunctionalityNed Mohan05/17/2009
SG-B5-2004Genetic basis of biomass accumulation in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana grown in ambient and elevated C02 environmentsPeter Tiffin02/02/2004
SG-B7-2004Making Biodiesel from Crop ResiduesRoger Ruan02/02/2004
SG-B8-2004Combustion Studies of Biomass-Derived Oil SpraysPaul Strykowski02/02/2004
SG-C1-2004Renewable Roof for Residential BuildingsJane Davidson12/05/2003
SG-C2-2004Intelligent Building Control with Renewable Energy Sources and Distributive Passive Wireless MEMS SensorsRajesh Rajamani02/04/2004
SG-C3-2004Integrated Building Systems for Energy Efficiency and RenewablesThomas Kuehn12/05/2003
SG-C5-2004Application of Hybrid Wind-Solar Electricity Generation in Western MinnesotaFrancis Kulacki05/11/2004
SG-H1-2004Catalysts and Electrode Structures for Electrochemical OxidationWilliam Smyrl11/12/2003
SG-H2-2004Reforming Ethanol and Biodiesel to produce HydrogenLanny Schmidt11/12/2003
SG-H3-2004Investigation of Composite Coatings for Photo BioChemical Generation of Hydrogen from CarbohydratesMichael Flickinger01/01/2004
SG-H5-2004The Study of Photoelectrochemical Processes for Hydrogen ProductionKent Mann06/15/2004
SG-P1-2004Sustainable Fast-Sourcing Systems for Biomass energy Production: Two Minnesota Case StudiesNicholas Jordan02/17/2004
SG-P2-2004Energy From Grass: Summarizing and Disseminating Directed Class ResearchSteve Taff05/10/2004
SG-P3-2004Full Cost Accounting of Renewable Energy SystemsSteve Polasky02/17/2004
SG-P5-2004Bringing Energy Efficient Hybrid Vehicles to MarketAlfred A. Marcus04/20/2004
SG-B0-2005Ionic liquids as green solvents for the recovery of polymers from renewable sourcesFriedrich Srienc03/24/2005
SG-B1-2005Iron-Phosphate Bonded Fiber CompositesPatrick Donahue01/20/2005
SG-B13-2005Laboratory-scale study on hydrogen production in a fermentative bioreactor semi-continuously fed by swine manureJun Zhu01/31/2005
SG-B2-2005Minimizing Formation of Fermentation Inhibitors during Hemicellulose Extraction from Agriculture Residue and Forest BiomassUlrike Tschirner01/18/2005
SG-B6-2005Releasing Nitrogen from Toxic, Naturally-Occurring CompoundsLarry Wackett01/21/2005
SG-B7-2005Biomass and Natural Fumigant Production with Renewable Brassica CropsDong Wang01/18/2005
SG-C1(D5C)-2005Economic and Environmental Implications of Coal/Biomass Fired Ethanol PlantsVernon Eidman01/18/2005
SG-C2-2005A Novel Converter Arrangement for Wind Turbines to Meet Grid Connection InterfaceNed Mohan01/26/2005
SG-C3-2005Wind-Generated Electricity Using Flexible Piezoelectric Materials: Enhancing the Generation EfficiencyWilliam Robbins04/05/2005
SG-H1-2005Membrane electrode assemblies for microbial fuel cells able to oxidize ethanolDaniel Bond07/26/2004
SG-H2-2005Quantum Chemistry Studies of Hydrogen Storage by Metal Organic FrameworksEric Ganz07/28/2004
SG-H3-2005Solar Powered Hydrogen Generation and Storage for Fueling Small Cooking StovesWilliam Durfee08/26/2004
SG-H4-2005Evaluation of Hydrogen as a Supplemental Fuel for Diesel enginesDavid Kittelson11/19/2004
SG-H5-2005Genetic Regulation of Hydrogenases in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii & Polymer Coatings for Efficient Production of Hydrogen FuelPaul Lefebvre02/11/2005
SG-MC2-2005Lignin-Based Thermoplastic Foams for Building InsulationSimo Sarkanen05/04/2005
SG-P1-2005Transition roadmap toward a carbon-neutral energy system for the upper-Midwest regionKen Keller10/19/2004
SG-P2-2005What determines Ethanol 85 Use? Learning from Minnesota’s E85 Pilot ProjectPhilip Bromiley01/18/2005
SG-B10-2006Comparative Environmental and Economic Systems Analysis of Corn Stover Logistics Options for Cellulosic Ethanol ProductionSangwon Suh11/21/2006
SG-B5-2006Enzymatic Synthesis of BiomethanolPing Wang11/21/2006
SG-B6-2006Genomic Tools for Identifying Biofuel Traits in PoplarPeter Tiffin11/21/2006
SG-B8-2006Discovering microbial diversity for biofuel productionGeorgiana May11/21/2006
SG-B12-2006Prospecting Potential among Brown-rot Fungi for Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic FeedstocksJonathan S. Schilling11/21/2006
SG-B3-2006Strategies for engineering biocatalysts able to convert cellulose and other biopolymer byproducts into electricityDaniel Bond11/21/2006
SG-B2-2006Low-input, high-diversity prairie biofuels : A potentially large renewable energy source for Minnesota & U.S. grasslandsDavid Tilman11/21/2006
SG-P4-2004Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTS)Cynthia Pansing02/17/2004
RS-0004-11Lactic acid fermentation using dairy manure as the sole carbon and nitrogen sourceJun Zhu07/01/2010
RS-0006-11New Forms of Cross-Sector Cooperation for Achieving Breakthroughs in Sustainable Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation TechnologiesAlfred A. Marcus07/01/2010
RS-0010-11Development of torrefied wood microchips as an energy-efficient biofuel for pellet stoves and boilersTimothy Hagen07/01/2010
RS-0011-11Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Conducting Polymers for Solar CellsTed M. Pappenfus07/01/2010
RS-0014-11Development of a Solar Smoleniec/Stirling Hybrid Thermo-Mechanical GeneratorLouise Goldberg07/01/2010
RS-0017-11Converting Mining Waste Rock to Passive Solar TilesKyle Bartholomew07/01/2010
RS-0018-11Regulation of Cell Wall Growth and Composition in Nitrogen Fixing Biomass Crops in Minnesota: Medicago and Related Forage Crop and Woody SpeciesStephen Gantt07/01/2010
RS-0019-11Conversion of waste lignin to liquid fuels and other high value products, a fundamental study exploring two optionsUlrike Tschirner07/01/2010
RS-0027-11Open accumulator compressed air storage concept for wind powerPerry Y Li07/01/2010
RS-0005-12Engineering of protein based nano-bioreactors for biofuel production and biocatalysisClaudia Schmidt-Dannert09/01/2011
RS-0010-12Next-generation microbial systems for bioconversionRobert Blanchette09/01/2011
RS-0011-12Concentrated solar energy devices enabled by wavelength selective mirrorsJane Davidson09/01/2011
RS-0016-12Understanding drivers of whole-household energy conservation in Minnesota using the Twin Cities household ecosystem projectLawrence Baker09/01/2011
RS-0028-12Biomass torrefaction: understanding greenhouse gas emissions and potential financial opportunitiesVance Morey09/01/2011
RS-0029-12Development of self-powered wireless sensor for structural health monitoring in wind turbine bladesRusen Yang08/29/2011
RS-0035-12Rethinking how we manage traffic to reduce emissions while maintaining mobility: a new paradigm for traffic managementHenry Liu09/01/2011
RS-0038-12Drop-in jet fuel from renewable resources via enzyme catalystJohn Lipscomb09/01/2011
RS-0039-12Production of lipids for biofuel production and human nutrition from cold-tolerant yellow-green algaPaul Lefebvre09/01/2011