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Project Number Project Title PI Award Date
SO8-2004Hydrogen Cluster SupportLanny Schmidt01/01/2004
SO9-2004Bio Cluster SupportRoger Ruan01/01/2004
SO10-2004PEEC Cluster SupportDavid Tilman01/01/2004
SO11-2004C&EES Cluster SupportJohn Carmody01/01/2004
NC3-2006Center for Biofuels UtilizationDavid Kittelson01/11/2006
SO1-2006St. Paul Campus Bioenergy InventoryJames Linn10/07/2006
SO1-2007Gene Expression in the cattails Typha latifolia, Typha angustifolia and Typha x glaucaNathan Springer12/20/2007
SO2-2007Solar DecathlonAnn Johnson03/20/2008
SO3-2007Super Bus Collaborative ProjectDavid Kittelson12/21/2007
SO4-20082009 Solar Vehicle Project; Centaraous IJeffrey Hammer02/29/2008
RO-0001-092010 Solar Vehicle ProjectJeffrey Hammer10/22/2008
RO-0002-09Engineers Without BordersNicholas Haupt02/04/2009
NC2A-2006BIL (Bio-fuels and Products Innovation Laboratory)Dick Hemmingsen12/15/2005
NC2B-2006BIL (Bio-fuels and Products Innovation Laboratory)Marc Von Keitz12/15/2005
NC2C-2006BIL (Bio-fuels and Products Innovation Laboratory)Marc Von Keitz12/15/2005
NC2D-2006BIL (Bio-fuels and Products Innovation Laboratory)Dick Hemmingsen12/15/2005
SO1-2004PHA – Large Scale production of Polyhydroxalanoic AcidFriedrich Srienc12/22/2003
SO2-2004Science Museum of Minnesota’s Prairie Maze: A Demonstration Project on Renewable Energy and the EnvironmentDavid Tilman01/30/2004
SO3-2004Investigation of a Thin-Multi-Layer Latex Coating Photobioreactor for Optimal Light Adsorption and Hydrogen EvolutionMichael Flickinger01/30/2004
SO3B-2004Investigation of a Thin-Multi-Layer Latex Coating Photobioreactor for Optimal Light Adsorption and Hydrogen Evolution IIMichael Flickinger04/29/2005
SO7-2004Cedar Creek ImprovementsDavid Tilman08/19/2005
SO2-2005Thermochemical Conversion and Biorefining of Biogas and WastesRoger Ruan02/22/2005
SO4-2005Inventories of Forest Biomass in the Great Lakes Region and Central Norway using Airborne LiDARPaul Bolstad03/01/2005
RO-0001-11Biofuels as an integral part of sustainable developmentJohn Sheehan03/01/2010
RO-0001-10SRCC Feasibility StudyJames Ramsey09/01/2009
RO-0002-10Global Renewable Energy Leadership FellowsJonathan Foley06/01/2010
RO-0002-11Life Cycle Assessment of Various Petroleum Reduction StrategiesJason Hill07/01/2011
RO-0003-11Measuring the environmental footprint of corn feedstock for a new biobutanol facility in Luverne, MNJohn Sheehan01/13/2011
RO-0001-12Distributed ammonia production using wind generated hydrogen and powerAlon McCormick11/01/2011
RO-0002-12New energy technology based on the direct conversion of heat to electricity using multiferroic alloysRichard James09/01/2011
RO-0003-12Corn Ethanol Transformed: Higher-Value Product, Greater Efficiency, Less CO2 EmissionsLarry Wackett01/01/2012
RO-0004-12A pre-competitive consortium for advancing marine and hydrokinetic energy technologies in the US through cutting-edge scienceFotis Sotiropoulos01/01/2012
RO-0001-13Enhancing Minnesota's Forest-based Economy: Identifying and Advancing Next-generation Technology and Product OpportunitiesDick Hemmingsen05/01/2013