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Hari Osofsky and Ellen Anderson of Energy Transition Lab

The Energy Transition Lab is working with leaders in government, business and non-profit organizations to advance the needed energy transition through collaborative law and policy projects that enhance energy efficiency, use of cleaner and more renewable sources, evolution and integration of transportation and electricity systems, and approaches that maximize energy and environmental justice. Focus areas for the lab include developing new policy pathways, institutional structures and regulatory solutions and fostering dialogue and significant policy changes. The Energy Transition Lab aims to become the “go-to place” for experts and leaders beyond the University to work together with University faculty, students and staff toward solutions to our society’s most vexing energy challenges. The initiative will maximize impact through collaborative, concrete projects with business, public policy and thought leaders; annual conferences and other public engagement events; and creative new media efforts. Specific projects

Project Leads

  • Hari Osofsky, Law School
  • Ellen Anderson, Law School
  • Erin Sikkink, Law School
  • Jennifer Monson-Miller, Law School
  • Tenzin Pelkyi, Law School
  • Michael Petre, Law School
  • Megan Butler, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
  • Don Jorovsky, Law School
  • Jennifer Purdes, Law School
  • Laura Burrington, Humphrey School of Public Affairs