Global Sustainable Bioenergy

The Global Sustainable Bioenergy Project's North American Convention took place at the Marquette Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA from September 14-16, 2010.

Tuesday September 14: Setting the Stage


Pushing the Envelope for Biofuels

Pushing the Envelope for Biofuels, cont.

Biofuels in the Balance: Ensuring Sustainable Production

Seeking Common Ground

Wednesday, September 15: Toward a North American Resolution


About Our Project

  • An Overview of the Global Sustainable Bioenergy Project
    Tom Richard, Pennsylvania State University
  • GSB Roundtable - A Look Back at the Previous Continental Conventions
    Europe - Patricia Osseweijer
    Africa - Emile van Zyl
    Latin America - Glaucia Souza
    Asia - Luuk van der Wielen

Breakout I: Input for a North American Resolution on Bioenergy

  • Instructions for Breakout Groups
    John Sheehan, University of Minnesota
  • Individual Breakout Group Discussions

Breakout I: Plenary Reports & Discussion

  • Plenary Reports and Discussions by Breakout Groups
  • Selection of Delegates for North American Resolution drafting committee

Thinking about Stages 2 & 3 for GSB: A Context for Analysis

  • A Geospatial Perspective on Global Agriculture
    Jon Foley; Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota
  • Regional Scale Bioenergy Analysis: A Case Study
    Ann Swanson; Chesapeake Bay Commission

Thinking about Stages 2 & 3, cont.

  • The Challenges of Measuring Land Use and Land Use Change
    Keith Kline, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Wrap Up & Evening Plans

Keynote Presentation

Thursday, September 16: Toward a North American Resolution


Breakout Session II: Recommendations for Stages 2 & 3 and Parallel meeting of the drafting comm

  • Instructions for Breakout Groups
  • Individual Breakout Group Discussions

Plenary Reports & discussions by breakout groups

Presentation and Adoption of North American Resolution

View the Final North American Resolution


Lee Lynd; Dartmouth College