The Institute on the Environment offers a number of programs specifically for graduate students, including leadership programs, cohort programs, and programs designed to build interdisciplinary community:

Each year, the IonE Graduate Scholars focus on a different academic theme. This year’s focus will be agriculture and climate. This cohort program runs from October to April and will introduce you to campus and community scholars and give you an opportunity to share your related research with your peers.

Boreas Community Hours are networking events that give students the opportunity to develop relationships with peers from across the University while learning from established and emerging environmental leaders about the challenges and opportunities of creating change. Students are welcome to attend one or many of the events.

Acara offers courses & programs and funding to support students interested in developing and piloting ideas to address social and environmental issues. Graduate students who already have an idea can apply for the Acara Graduate Changemaker Lab for training and coaching to make make the idea a reality

Leaders of campus student groups that are focused on environment and sustainability can benefit from community-building, coaching and leadership training through the Sustainability Student Group Leadership Network.

All students are welcome to attend over 20 trainings or events offered each year, and should be sure to consider the courses offered by IonE Faculty Affiliates and Staff.

Many of these programs are led by Graduate Students  who are leaders in the Institute’s Graduate Leadership Council.