Boreas Community Hours

Boreas Community Hours are networking events that give students the opportunity to develop relationships with peers from across the University while learning from established and emerging environmental leaders about the challenges and opportunities of creating change. These events are open to all University of Minnesota graduate, professional students, and postdocs. Boreas believes in the power of seeing the potential in one another – and re-envisioning problems as opportunities through bold, stimulating and challenging conversations.

Boreas is a complement to any program – and a coach on your career path – providing space for the reflection and integration needed to take on today’s challenges. So join us. Learn new skills, meet like-minded people – and jump into changing the world.

Fall Community Hours

Wed, Oct. 14th at 3:30 – 5PM:  What Does Hope Look Like Right Now?

What does it mean to have hope in the era of climate change and coronavirus?  What gives us hope? What we can do when things feel overwhelming? How we can support each other?

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Wed. Nov. 11th at 3:30 – 5PM: Environmentalism at Home

Taking action for environmental health and justice without leaving your home.

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Wed. Dec. 9th at 3:30 – 4:30PM: Grassroots Environmental Work in Minnesota

Join us and community leaders in grassroots environmental organizing for a discussion on community-driven success stories on environmental change.

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