Second Monday’s Staging

IonE Second Mondays

Come join the conversation! The Institute on the Environment’s Second Monday series brings together a panel of experts – from within the University and beyond – to ask big questions, discuss collaborative projects, and dive into other cross-cutting sustainability issues.

This spring, we’ll focus on the Big Picture; a line-up showcasing work sparked by IonE and connecting them to timely topics and big-picture takeaways.

Interested? Second Mondays are free and open to all — tickets are available through Eventbrite.

Doors open at 3:15 p.m. Conversation from 3:45 – 5:00 p.m. Mingling to follow.

Location: IonE Seminar Room (R-380), Level 3R – Learning and Environmental Sciences Building.

Monday, February 10

Climate-Induced Natural Disasters: Lessons for universities from the Global Convergence Lab

Impacts from climate-induced natural disasters vary widely. How can a university respond to these impacts and develop effective, ethical, and sustained campus and community partnerships to help with recovery? Join us to discover what UMN faculty and graduate students have learned in Puerto Rico about how higher education can and should strengthen preparedness, response, and recovery in the face of growing threats posed by a changing climate.


  • Gabe Chan, Assistant Professor, Humphrey School of Public Affairs and IonE Associate
  • Jacob Mans, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
  • Megan Voorhees, Acara Director, Institute on the Environment
  • Graduate Student(s) from PA 5790 (January 2020)

Monday, March 9

Global Futures: Where Environment and Economy Converge

We know climate change has devastating effects on the environment, but what does it have in store for our economies? Global Futures, a first-of-its kind analytical tool, compares global economic models and high-resolution land-use and ecosystem services models to answer that very question. Join us for a lively conversation with two of the tool’s creators to explore the importance of global modelling, the significance of an economy-environment connection, and the threats climate change poses to every interdependent aspect of human life.


  • Stephen Polasky, Regents Professor and Fesler-Lampert Professor of Ecological/Environmental Economics, IonE Fellow
  • Justin Johnson, Senior Scientist and Economist, Natural Capital Project, Institute on the Environment

Monday, April 13

Clearing the Air: What the media gets right – and wrong – when covering environmental issues

From biodiversity loss and climate change (or is it “climate crisis?”) to deforestation and plastic pollution, media coverage is critical to shining a light on our planet’s biggest environmental challenges — but with so many different stakeholders, it’s certainly not free from critique. A panel of professional journalists will discuss what the media gets right — and wrong — when covering contentious environmental topics, as well as new developments that may spell change on the horizon.


  • Todd Reubold, Associate Director, Institute on the Environment and Publisher, Ensia
  • Additional panelist(s) will be announced soon.

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