GCC 3005/5005 Global Venture Design – What Impact Will You Make?

Tuesdays 2:30 – 5:30 pm, Fall 2019

Instructors: Tom Fisher, Professor, College of Design and Director of the Minnesota Design Center; Megan Voorhees, Acara Co-Director and Affiliate Faculty, Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Addressing many of the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges requires not only an idea, but a plan to establish a scalable solution. In this project-based course, multidisciplinary teams design innovative, sustainable solutions to global grand challenges related to water supply, energy availability, food/agriculture production, waste management, or public health.

Student teams will identify a specific challenge in Puerto Rico, India or Greater MN, design a product or service, and create a financially viable and impactful business solution. In-field professionals and experts will mentor each team. By the end of the class students will have a well-designed venture plan and will be well-prepared to compete in the Acara Challenge.

Students are expected to use a discovery process, design thinking, ideation and input from field research in solving the challenge. A primary focus of the course is up-front work to identify the “right” problem to solve. The model should be built around the customers’ needs and wants, as they will need to pay for the product or service to achieve a scalable model.

ClassInfo: http://classinfo.umn.edu/?rosex122+GCC3005+Fall2019

This course is part of the University’s new, innovative Grand Challenge Curriculum.

What did past students get from GCC 3005/5005?

This is a good class for you if you like international work or want to try it out, you want to help people, and you want to develop well-rounded skills.

Tyler Olsen, GCC 5005 '16

GCC 5005 is a good class for you if you are self-motivated, passionate, and want to apply school to real work in the community on a grand scale. This is a good class for you if you like a challenge.

Emily Miotke, GCC 5005 '16, Global Studies '19

This is a good class for you if you want to be challenged to think outside the box and learn differently in an academic institute.

Anonymous Student, GCC 5005 '16

This is a good class for you if you are interested in design-thinking, want to work on challenging problems, want to make an impact, and flexible and excited to learn.

Anonymous Student, GCC 5005 '16