Previous Acara fellowships included the following:

Beekeeping and Honey Networking in India

Erin Kayser utilized her background as a beekeeper to help Last Forest Enterprises connect with local honey sources to bring sustainable, organic and fair trade honey from farmers to consumers and other organizations.  She also studied hive management and how it can help successfully increase a farmer’s income.

Bringing Healthcare to Remote India

Robin Walz worked with the SELCO foundation to assess local health-care infrastructure and identify ways in which the organization could improve access to quality health care for remote locations in India. His work involved studying the health-care system, visiting health centers and health professionals, and researching health-care technology innovations from around the world.

Ova Woman: Supporting Women’s Intimate Health

Elise Maxwell started her company, Ova Woman, with the vision of promoting the use of menstrual cups for local women and the support of Acara. Now, her company supports a variety of women’s intimate health initiatives through education, e-commerce and building a customer community.