CEGE 4011 / CEGE 5570: Design for Sustainable Development – India

Bangalore is India’s fast-growing entrepreneurship hub, where rural meets urban, poverty meets wealth and environmental and quality of life issues are distinctly intertwined. We will explore urban and rural development challenges in India through the eyes of entrepreneurs, local leaders and communities. Via this class, students will explore entrepreneurial and engineering solutions to environmental and societal challenges. During free time, enjoy the delicious food, diverse culture and excitement that India has to offer.

This course will be  offered during the 2017 May term as a three-credit, three-week study abroad course to Bangalore, India. The class will have four pre-departure meetings in Minnesota in spring 2017. Program dates are May 15 – June 5, 2017. The program cost will be approximately $4,800/student. This class is open to upper-level undergraduates ( juniors and seniors) and graduate students at the University of Minnesota. The 2016 syllabus can be found here.  More details, including the application process, are available on the study abroad site.

Join Civil, Environmental and Geo-Engineering Professor Adam Boies and Acara’s Aruna Raman on this incredible trip.

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Learn more about previous student experiences on these blogs written during previous courses:

Hearing from a variety of people and types of organizations was very helpful in understanding how many challenges are interconnected and where to look for solutions and implementing systems that work.

Anonymous Student, CE 5570, May 2016


CEGE 4011 / CEGE 5580: Design for Sustainable Development – Nicaragua

From May 16 – June 5, 2017, the University of Minnesota will lead students on a pathway of exploration in CE4011/5570: Design for Sustainable Development: Nicaragua in partnership with EOS International, an organization that provides under-served communities in Nicaragua with low-cost appropriate technologies that generate income, improve health and preserve the environment. This field course will introduce students to engineering and social entrepreneurial aspects of rural development through guest lectures, field visits and workshops. Students will investigate the role of engineers and designers in achieving sustainable access to products and services through social entrepreneurial approaches. In addition, students will live with host families in San Isidro, Nicaragua, for at least two weeks of the three-week trip. By the end of the course students will have an appreciation for infrastructure and other engineering challenges of sustainable development, and for how effective sustainable technical solutions must fit within a broader socioeconomic context.

This class is open to upper-level undergraduates ( juniors and seniors) with a minimum 3.0 GPA and graduate students at the University of Minnesota. The class will have four pre-departure meetings in Minnesota. The three-week seminar in Nicaragua will occur during the University’s Summer Session 2017, including travel time. Program cost is $4000.

In addition to the course, students can apply to earn an additional two credits by staying in Nicaragua for a 8- to 10-week full-time summer internship.

Faculty for this global seminar include Bill Arnold and Santiago Romero-Vargas Castrillón, both esteemed professors in the Civil, Environmental and Geo-Engineering Department.

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Applications accepted as received, until full!

Final Deadline: February 1, 2017