Boreas Leadership Program

Co-workers collaboarting in the office

Boreas offers University of Minnesota graduate and professional students and post-doctoral fellows free co-curricular leadership development opportunities that build on the strengths of graduate education to create effective change agents.

Programming is both idealistic and pragmatic. Boreas offers a series of skills workshops in communications and media relations, integrative leadership, personal and interpersonal mastery, public skills, systems thinking and tools and vision and impact. Boreas also organizes a series of professional networking events and offers leadership practice opportunities.

Boreas participants learn new skills, meet like-minded people from across campus and jump into changing the world. The program is flexible, so participants can take part in workshops, events and group activities when it makes sense for them. Most stay involved over several semesters.


You do not need specialized courses or background experiences to participate in Boreas.

No. The Boreas program is for any University of Minnesota graduate or professional student or post-doctoral fellow who is interested in changing the world.

It depends. You need to fill out a short application to be on the student advisory team. Space is limited at our workshops and you must RSVP. You do not need to apply to attend networking events. Just show up.

We no longer require applications for skills workshops. Simply RSVP!

Participants do not receive academic credit for Boreas short courses or workshops. You can earn a Boreas certificate, though, and include your participation and skills development as part of your resumes, CV or portfolio.