Boreas Leadership Program Curriculum Guide

Bring Graduate Leadership Programming to Your Organization

Making progress on the complex challenges of sustainability and the environment demands effective leadership. Society needs leadership at all levels that is effective at working across boundaries and building opportunities for others to act as leaders who are able to contribute to solutions.

Within the landscape of higher education, graduate education is uniquely positioned to develop students as leaders and the change agents society needs to make progress on sustainability and environment challenges. Graduate students develop the intellectual rigor, disciplinary depth, and professional credentials that contribute to the potential for making societal impact, but there are gaps in the training a traditional graduate education offers. The Boreas Leadership Program exists to fill in some of these gaps with leadership skills training, community and network building, and stewardship of a leadership culture that values reflection and action.

Boreas is a program of the University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment.

Discover how you can graduate leadership training to your organization with resources, tools, and support rooted in the experience of the Boreas Leadership Program.