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At Boreas, we believe developing as a leaders takes more than skills, it takes a community of people to support development as well as a network to extend impact.

We work on building a community of graduate students and their networks through Boreas Booyas.

Booyas are an Upper Midwest tradition of community events that involve cooking and eating stew. The word booya refers to both the event itself and the stew. Boreas Booya networking events give students the opportunity to develop relationships with peers from across the University while learning from established and emerging environmental leaders about the challenges and opportunities of creating change. Booyas are a mix of leadership conversations organized by participants around a topic of their choosing and dialogues with emerging and established environmental leaders in the broader community.

Set in a relaxed atmosphere where interactive dialogue is encouraged (and food is always present!), booyas offer a chance to dive deeper into perspectives on how leadership works, change happens and impactful careers develop.

Booya community and networking events are open to all University of Minnesota graduate and professional students and post-docs. Check out our current schedule. You don’t need to RSVP unless noted.

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