Networking Events

Boreas Networking Events

At Boreas, we believe developing as a leaders takes more than skills, it takes a community of people to support development as well as a network to extend impact.

Boreas networking events give students the opportunity to develop relationships with peers from across the University while learning from established and emerging environmental leaders about the challenges and opportunities of creating change. Our gatherings are a mix of leadership conversations organized by participants around a topic of their choosing and dialogues with emerging and established environmental leaders in the broader community. We believe in providing a forum for building community through discussions, collaboration and fun. At least twice a semester, we invite special guests to share their leadership insights and lessons. These guests include innovators, change makers and leaders from across sectors.

Set in a relaxed atmosphere where interactive dialogue is encouraged (and food is always present!), our events offer a chance to dive deeper into perspectives on how leadership works, change happens and impactful careers develop.

Our community and networking events are open to all University of Minnesota graduate and professional students and post-docs, faculty and researchers. Check out our current schedule below. Submitting an RSVP is not required. You are always welcome to attend!

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Upcoming Community Hours

Location and Time:
First Wednesdays 3:30 ­– 5 p.m.
IonE Commons, Room R350 of the Learning and Environmental Sciences Building (1954 Buford Ave., St. Paul)

Wednesday, Sept. 4th – Fall Kick-off: Engaging Multiple Intelligences Through Creativity
At Boreas we are looking for graduate and professional students (and post-docs!) who are interested in developing as the leaders and change agents society needs to make progress on complex challenges like sustainability. Is that you? If so, come to our first event this year and meet new people from across campus. We’ll explore using the vehicle of creativity as an outlet to better ourselves, our communities and our work by engaging multiple intelligences through creative practice and play. RSVP here.

Wednesday, Oct. 2nd –  Special Guest: Katie Bell of Tesla
Join us for a conversation on life, leadership and sustainability with Katie Bell, the senior policy advisor at Tesla. Learn more about her leadership journey in policy which began with an internship with a U.S. senator to now working for one of the most boldly innovative companies in tech. RSVP here.

Wednesday, Nov. 6th – Transforming Toxic Power Dynamics in Academia
With the reverberations of #metoo and other social justice movements like Black Lives Matter still rattling the Ivory Tower, we are learning how much more work and healing needs to happen to create more just and equitable dynamics in higher education, especially in advisor-advisee relationships, departmental culture and the need for sound mentorship. Join us for a conversation on how we can shift the cultures of power in academia to models of empowerment for graduate students and post-docs. RSVP here.

Wednesday, Dec. 4th –  Science, Spirituality and Our Identities
What does it mean for people from very different cultural and social backgrounds to be engaged in doing science? In embracing our complex and multi-faceted identities, how do we show up as scientists and academics that recognize multiple ways of knowing? Join us for conversation and community as we explore the richness that exists in within ourselves and around us. RSVP here.

Boreas Science Improv Series

Thursdays, 3:30-5:00:  Feb 14th, 21st & 28th, March 7th & *14th

Would you like to be better at communicating your science? Join us for improvisational games as we build our skills in becoming better science communicators and co-create a community of practice. RSVP here

* March 14th session will be on East Bank in the Physics and Nanotechnology Building

Lunch & Learns

12-1 p.m. in LES R-350
You bring your lunch and we provide the desserts and beverages. Learn a new skill or a way of engaging in your scholarship.

Wednesday, Feb. 27th – Your Own Way To Zero Waste

Do you want to move toward zero waste, but aren’t sure where to start? Do you get stuck on which lifestyle changes will have the most impact? Alyssa Erding, founder of Zilchin Consulting, helps individuals and organizations find ways to reduce waste that align with their values and lifestyles, so that change is more sustainable, accessible, and practical. 

Wednesday, Feb. 13th – The Art of Activism with Ricardo Levins Morales 

Ricardo Levins Morales describes himself as a “healer and trickster organizer disguised as an artist.” His activism has included support work for the Black Panthers and Young Lords to participating in or acting in solidarity with farmers, environmental, labor, racial justice and peace movements. Increasingly he has come to see his art and organizing practices as means to address individual, collective and historical trauma. He co-leads workshops on trauma and resilience for organizers as well as trainings on creative organizing, social justice strategy and sustainable activism, and mentors and supports young activists. His art has won numerous awards but the greatest affirmation is the uses to which it has been put by grassroots movements and communities. 

Wednesday, Mar. 27th – Developing Your Digital Voice 

How do you use the Internet to make the leap from scientist with a degree to scientist with a voice? Alex Reich studied climate change and globalization through human food consumption, but he’s now busy feeding the science of sustainability to over 2,000,000 subscribers as one of the creators of the YouTube channel MinuteEarth (as well as through Hot Mess, a PBS YouTube channel about climate change that he helped start last year). Bring your lunch and learn about the art of translating your science into accessible, digital stories.

Wednesday, Apr. 3rd – Leading From the Ground Up  

What does it take to serve and advocate for the interests of thousands of people in a broad and diverse industry? Kevin Paap, President of the Minnesota Farm Bureau, represents nearly 30,000 members in 78 Minnesota counties, and helps advocate for policies and the collective interests of Minnesota’s agricultural community. 

Boreas’ goals are to enhance the Boreas community through informal gatherings centered on topics with connections to environmental leadership, graduate education, professional development or whatever participants choose. We hope to:

  1. Provide a forum to tackle big questions, share insights, get feedback and solve problems.
  2. Empower Boreas participants by opening up Boreas programming to different perspectives, interests and ideas.
  3. Cultivate collegial relationships through collaboration and conversation among a diverse group of peers.

Show up! All University of Minnesota graduate and professional students and post-docs are invited to attend. No application or RSVP is necessary, unless noted.


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