Speaking Science Conference 2020

Speaking Science:
Communicating with Media, Funders,
Policymakers, and the Public

Thursday, January 16, 2020
Coffman Memorial Union
300 Washington Ave. SE, Minneapolis

Land-grant research universities like ours were created to share knowledge with the broader community. It is part of our mission and something we all care deeply about. For scientists and researchers, that call to communicate has taken on special resonance in recent years as debates about vaccines, evolution and climate change point to a divergence between scientific consensus and public opinion.

Speaking Science is a science communication conference designed to help scientists, engineers, and other researchers develop stronger storytelling skills that will make their work understandable and compelling to the media, thought leaders, potential funders and general audiences. The conference is specifically designed to provide faculty, post-docs and graduate students across the University of Minnesota with a unique opportunity to learn how to better communicate their science to audiences beyond the academic community.

What You Will Learn

In interactive and small-group sessions, you will explore and understand the techniques of effectively telling the story about the impact of your research.

Build Your Storytelling Toolkit

  • Identify your “big idea.”
  • Transform technical language into accessible information.
  • Talk about your research by telling stories that everyone will understand.

Focus Your Message

  • Determine the purpose in telling your story.
  • Clarify the action you would like people to take after hearing your story.
  • Discover new ways to craft your message to engage your audience.
  • Develop a short, understandable summary of your research.

Define Your Audience

  • Find and define your audience.
  • Determine where to tell your story.
  • Discover what stories resonate with various audiences.
  • Build a plan for promoting your research.

Stay tuned for more info coming in fall 2019!