Vision and Impact

At Boreas, we believe in living lives full of meaning and impact by design. Our vision and impact workshops help cultivate vision and ways of being that begin by first, transforming ourselves, so we in turn can transform the world as change agents.

Deep Work: Maximizing Your Impact in a Distracted World

In our digital age, most of us struggle with carving out time to do the work that matters most. Shallow pursuits such as social media, the constant pinging of text notifications, and emails can lead us astray from doing the deep work required to enrich our relationships, communities, and even the world. In this session, you will map out a plan for creating a more meaningful and rewarding life based on the book Deep Work by Cal Newport and by utilizing examples from prolific thought leaders and scientists.

Designing a Meaningful Career

We invest much of our time, talents and passion into our work. And, many of us are looking for deeper meaning and purpose in this area of our lives. This workshop will help you work out what you want, and develop a plan for how to get it so that you can have the kinds of impact that originally led you to pursuing an advanced degree in the first place.