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Boreas workshops create useful, interactive and fun opportunities for students to gain leadership skills. Whether it’s being interviewed by a reporter from Minnesota Public Radio, building a model using systems dynamics software or working with a group on design thinking, students can expect to gain new insights and skills during these workshops.

Workshops are designed to introduce leadership concepts and skills, offer students a chance to practice those skills, and then make a plan to apply and practice the skills beyond the workshop.

To view the spring workshop schedule click here. Applications for spring Boreas workshops are due Feb. 13.

Boreas currently offers workshops in four areas:

Communications and media

Boreas communications and media workshops help prepare participants to communicate complex science, environment, and sustainability topics to different audiences. The workshops are feature numerous working journalists and communications professionals.

Integrative leadership

The integrative leadership workshop empowers participants to work across diverse and sometimes conflicting discipline, sectors, or other kind of boundaries to effectively address complex sustainability challenges. The workshop includes a design thinking component as well. Boreas partnered with the Center for Integrative Leadership in developing this workshop.

Public skills

Boreas public skills workshops prepare students to work more effectively as a citizen and colleague, whether its contribute to policy-making or running an effective meeting.

Systems thinking and tools

The systems thinking and tools workshop develops participants’ ability to deconstruct, describe and address complex challenges using systems thinking and systems dynamics. Participants are introduced to a systems modeling software program and are challenged to extend systems thinking into the realm of leadership practice.

Boreas skills workshops are free and open to University of Minnesota graduate and professional students and post-docs. A short application is required to participate.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding future workshops, please contact Boreas.