Making change requires working with people, whether it’s through formal policy-making, within an organization or at meeting of a neighborhood group. The Boreas public skills workshops offer participants the opportunity to better understand their role in public work and develop the skills to be more effective in working with others.

Negotiating Basics

We don’t always agree, especially on really important matters. But we still need to make decisions and figure out how to move forward collectively. Strong negotiation skills will help you facilitate decision-making and make you a better leader. This workshop introduces participants to basic principles of negotiation and provides the opportunity for practice. Margaret Kelliher, former speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives, teaches this workshop. She’s negotiated state budget deals and taught negotiation at the Humphrey School. Now she’s bringing her unique perspective to Boreas.

Building Communities and Networks

Mentors, collaborators, colleagues, teams, networks. Leaders, by definition, don’t work alone. Collaborating with others helps us get things done. This workshop will focus on why networks matter, why communities matter and why mentors matter. You’ll acquire new tools to help you think through your own relationships and how to make them better.

Non-profit Structures

The non-profit sector is the source of quite a bit of environmental leadership. But what exactly is the non-profit sector? What does NGO actually stand for? What’s the difference between a 501(c)(3) and a 501(c)(4), and what does that even mean? What is a board of directors supposed to do? This workshop will get you up to speed on non-profits, how they work, and some of the governance and legal structures involved. You’ll have a chance to think about the possibility of working for a non-profit or getting involved as a volunteer or board member. And you’ll gain insightful wisdom from a panel of superstars from the environmental non-profit world.

Meetings that Matter

You’ve almost certainly sat through a bad meeting. But have you ever been part of a meeting that feels transformational? Done right, meetings facilitate great work. In this workshop, you will learn and practice new strategies to become a master of meetings. Try out some meeting games, and get ready to harness the contributions of colleagues and collaborators while earning gratitude for not wasting time with bad meetings.

Engaging With the Legislative Process

The legislative process is meant to facilitate public conversations about issues. But it’s pretty confusing. This workshop will help you better understand the legislative process and develop strategies for getting involved. Learn about your legislators and discover tools to help you follow the action. Think through how to do more than write a letter to your elected officials. The workshop focuses on the Minnesota legislative process and is led by a former state legislator.