Ecolab Planning-Scholarships for Learning Abroad

Award: Up to $5,000 (depending on financial need)
Deadline: TBD

Ecolab Planning-Scholarships support students by providing assurance of funding earlier in their planning process–recipients have up to one year to use their award to support their participation in any course approved by the Ecolab Experiential Ed Scholarship program at the Institute on the Environment.

This scholarship is intended to:

  • Ease the financial barrier of study abroad for students with significant financial need.
  • Provide assurance of funding earlier in the process and encourage early financial planning. Recipients have up to one year to use their award.
  • Increase representation of economically disadvantaged students on study abroad programs.

Application Process: TBD

See responses to common questions on the FAQ page.

The opportunity to explore the challenges of a community is imperative to creating real-world, sustainable solutions. My participation in the Design for Sustainable Development course in Bangalore, India will help me develop my skills in communication, leadership, creative problem solving and analytical thinking.

Elizabeth Marti

Environmental Sciences Policy and Management
I believe it’s our obligation as designers to understand how the products we put into the world impact the environment and those around us. This program gave me a better understanding of the resources we use and provide new ideas to inspire, create, and work towards creating a more sustainable future.

Jacqueline Warehime

Product Design