Ecolab Scholarships for HECUA EJ Program

Ecolab Scholarships for HECUA Environmental Justice Program

These Ecolab Scholarships provide support for students with demonstrated financial need who are accepted into the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs Environmental Justice (HECUA EJ) program.

*All HECUA programs and internships are being delivered in accordance with COVID guidelines as developed by the University of Minnesota Center for Community-Engaged Learning.


Award: Up to $2,500
Dates: Start and end dates will approximately align with the academic semester (14-15 weeks).
Program: 16 credit program includes an internship in environmental justice with a community led organization.
Number of Scholarships: Up to 4
Eligibility: Please see this page to verify eligibility for the Ecolab Scholarship. A separate application and admittance into the HECUA EJ program is required for this scholarship. See more about the HECUA program, eligibility, and application below.
To Apply: From August 18 – August 31, 2021, students can apply here.

Click here to learn more about HECUA’s Environmental Justice Program.


To learn more about HECUA and other program offerings, click here. If you are interested in learning more about the Environmental Justice program, contact Liza Gorman-Baer at to set up a time to meet.