Ecolab Sustainability Internship Scholarships

Ecolab Sustainability Internship Scholarships

Award: Up to $1,500 (depending on credits enrolled in for internship)
Deadline: December 9th, 2019

Ecolab Sustainability Internship Scholarships provide support for students who are interested in an unpaid internship focused on sustainability studies and/or environmental grand challenges. The internship must meet the following criteria: 

  • For Spring 2020, all interns are required to take SUST 4096 (Sustainability Internships) to deepen your experience. 
  • Students need to have enrolled for the class and started the process to identify a sustainability-related internship for the fall semester before applying for the scholarship. 
  • Students will need to follow up with potential internship sites to finalize the internship by the second week of the semester, preferably by the start of the semester.
  • Scholarships amount varies with size of internship: 4 credits (140 hours) $1500, 3 credits (98 hours) $1000, 2 credits (56 hours) $600.
  • A supervisor has been identified at your internship site who will verify your work hours and will help ensure that you have a good internship experience.
  • You are not receiving a salary for your internship work. Small benefits such as occasional lunches, free tickets, and parking privileges, do not count as salary. Modest stipends (less than $100 total) also do not count as salary.

Application Process: 

  • Complete the online application by December 9th, and submit an unofficial transcript to
  • Candidates may be asked to attend an interview as part of the selection process. 
  • Scholarship recipients will receive half the scholarship at the beginning of the internship, and half after completing the internship.
The way improvement comes about is from working together, sharing knowledge, and most importantly caring about each other. The overall effect Frogtown Farm has on the local community, the valuable lessons of teamwork, and long arduous hours on the farm had an everlasting impact on me as a worker, and more importantly, as a human being.

Jack Walsh

Human Resources and Industrial Relations
I want to use my knowledge and excitement about sustainable fashion to get more people informed about the need for change and to develop further knowledge of the fashion industry and how to effect change. I believe my internship will help me learn skills in communicating this issue.

Brook Bestful

Theater Arts