Ecolab Sustainability Internship Scholarships

Ecolab Sustainability Internship Scholarships

Ecolab Sustainability Internship Scholarships

Ecolab Sustainability Internship Scholarships provide support for students with demonstrated financial need who are interested in an unpaid internship focused on sustainability studies and/or environmental grand challenges.

*Due to COVID-19, all Spring 2021 internships will be conducted remotely.

Spring Semester Internship Program

Award: Up to $1,750 (amount depends on number of hours required by internship and corresponding number of credits enrolled in SUST 4096). 

  • 4 credits +140 hour internship (10hrs/wk) – $1,750 scholarship award
  • 3 credits + 98 hour internship (7hrs/wk) – $1,375 scholarship award
  • 2 credits + 56 hour internship (4hrs/wk) – $1,000 scholarship award

Dates: Start and end dates will approximately align with the academic semester (14-15 weeks).

Number of Internships: Up to 14.

Eligibility: All interns are required to take SUST 4096 (Sustainability Internships) to deepen your experience. Please see this page to verify eligibility. 

Types of Internships: Once enrolled for the class, a list of potential internships will be provided.

To Apply: From November 4 – December 4, 2020, students can apply here.

Once registered for SUST 4096, applicants will be given contact info for internship sites to send a resume and cover letter. Sites will then select who they want to interview as part of the selection process. Once matched, students will need to follow up with identified sites to finalize the internship agreement by the start of the semester. SUST 4096 instructors will work with you to find an internship. You must secure an internship by the start of the semester to be awarded this Ecolab Scholarship. Application for the scholarship and seeking an internship position will likely be simultaneous processes.

The way improvement comes about is from working together, sharing knowledge, and most importantly caring about each other. The overall effect Frogtown Farm has on the local community, the valuable lessons of teamwork, and long arduous hours on the farm had an everlasting impact on me as a worker, and more importantly, as a human being.

Jack Walsh

Human Resources and Industrial Relations
I want to use my knowledge and excitement about sustainable fashion to get more people informed about the need for change and to develop further knowledge of the fashion industry and how to effect change. I believe my internship will help me learn skills in communicating this issue.

Brook Bestful

Theater Arts